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QSLs Received / Re: Lawnmower & Moonshine Radio eQSL, 2 SEP 2008
« on: August 05, 2023, 1643 UTC »
Fantastic! Congrats to you and thanks to L&M Radio.

I thought I was going to be the record holder  ;D


QSLs Received / Re: Lawnmower & Moonshine Radio eQSL, 17 JAN 2009
« on: August 02, 2023, 0251 UTC »
Related to Grasscutter Radio ???

Could be. I have a hardcopy Sunshine & Grasscutter Radio QSL from February of '09, so they were active then.

To make this even more interesting, I actually found some audio from this Lawnmower & Moonshine broadcast. I used to do more pirate recording back then and I'm surprised I had this.


QSLs Received / Lawnmower & Moonshine Radio eQSL, 17 JAN 2009
« on: July 31, 2023, 1524 UTC »
Yep - you read that right. I got a QSL 14 years after this report:

Thank you very much L&M radio for finding and QSL'ing my old report of your Mystery Science Radio show.  8)

Thanks L&M Radio!

SIO 423, slow fades, some peaks up over S9

0107z - Yoga class music


SIO 322. As with all this week, a lot of atmosphere crash.

0048z - John O'Leary - Drinkin' Again
0057z - SSTV then an audio ID. _____ Radio
0058z - Eddie Wilson Blues Band - I Just Can't Wait No More
0104z - Too Mutz Blues Band - Since I've Been Loving You.

Nice tunes- thanks. No SSTV decoder here tonight.


SIO 232. Weak against a noisy atmosphere.

0138z - Mia LJ - This Livin


SIO 323. Decent sounding audio. Signal just starting to push above the static at dusk.

0134z - The Answer - Why You Smile.
0136z - Radio Static ID - The Electra's - Dirty Old Man


SIO 322. Pretty decent S6-S7 signal, but the atmosphere is crashy again.

0058z - Sergio Mendez - The Look Of Love
0102z - Yea Man ID live with mention of HFU listeners. Breaking out a Beatles song - Sgt. Pepper
0112z - Ending the show, email address, million dollar weekend show.
Thanks for the shout  8) - Hendrix - Purple Haze


SIO 534. Nice S9+5 signal against a lot of crash tonight.

0113z - Charlie Rich - The Most Beautiful Girl. Ballsmacker ID
0114z - John Lennon - Beautiful Boy
0154z - SIO 433. ID, then into Madonna - Beautiful Stranger


SIO 332. Good quality signal getting hammered by static crashes.

0330z - Continuous slow jazz with (what sounds like) xylophone and sax.
0333z - B Side Radio ID. Op speaking about John Coltrane. Thanks for the shout  8)


SIO 544

Very nice S9+ signal here with little fade.

0007z - Joe Bonamassa - Walk In My Shadow. Heard a live "Happy hump day" just around the hour.
0008z - JB - I Know Where I belong.

Thanks TCR


QSLs Received / Re: Radio Illuminati eQSL 27 AUG 2022
« on: June 14, 2023, 1620 UTC »
Received mine also. Thanks very much


SIO 242

Heard a bit of music playing around 1658z, but was not able to tune it well enough to determine the song. Off around 1705z
Now back on again at 1708z. Sounds like a sax or trumpet playing.

1716z - Bruce Springsteen - The River
1722z - Mindfulness Slow Life Partner - Box & Healing


SIO 423 - a crashy night due to some needed storms. Audio seems low on what looks like a pretty strong signal.

0132z - David  Florio - Let Yourself Fall
0134z - The Last Minister - Tribute to JB Family. Sycko Radio ID from op. The mic audio is fine. Music is low.
0140z - LTJ Sound Machine - Funky Superfly. Sycko complaining about audio drive. It's actually a bit better now.
0149z - AC/DC - Back In Black
0152z - "That's right, Sycko Radio" - AC/DC - Highway To Hell
0159z - Aerosmith - "Dream On" (Check out the cover by Blacktop Mojo)


QSLs Received / Re: Artist Spotlight Radio-Ween eQSL
« on: May 21, 2023, 1324 UTC »
Received mine also- thanks 8)


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