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this is happening again now, alpha-numeric mix, mostly alphabet but some numbers.

no 5 character groups - strings of over 20 characters in succession.

observing from about 0000 UTC until 0006. Ended just before 0007.

this was on 12 may 2012 in the evening, only lasted a few minutes.
rx in new orleans area, louisiana

ended with the word "OUT".

Spy Numbers / UNID 8097 kHz CW (morse) 1930 UTC +/-
« on: January 09, 2012, 1950 UTC »
caught the last 10 mins or so. excellent reception from new orleans, la (grundig g3, random wire going out window and across balcony 4-5m long)

is this V02a ?

Spy Numbers / 13380 kHz LSB @ 2023-2037 UTC [ V02a ] ???
« on: December 27, 2011, 2044 UTC »
sounds just like the V2a on 5898khz AM and its at 8pm UTC instead of 8am UTC. (sic)

reception SINPO = 34233 from new orleans area
grundig g3  / 5m random wire

Spy Numbers / V2a 5898khz 22 dec 2011 0800-0842 UTC
« on: December 22, 2011, 1626 UTC »
good signal last night, about as good as Radio Habana (winkwink)

woke up @ 0230 local time to make a bottle for my one year old. randomly turned, on my grundig g3 and somehow hit the 49m band - and i hear this. my first numbers transmission heard on my radio, live. prior to this, i had only read about this famous Cuban phenomenon. Been into this just for 2 weeks now. Just getting into using SSB now.

again: 5898 kHz @ 0832-0841 UTC on 13 december 2011   i did not catch the beginning. this creeped out my wife bigtime! hehe.

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