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Heard intro - Tonights show  The Cursed Galaxy. Sounds like Dr. Benway. S9 -S9+ and sounding good

Sounding good here. S9+. Best when tuned to 6927 AM here . Sounded off freq for the ID, so 6925 it is.Sounding good.

Love the blues.

Thanks for the show.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: BOR 6935u 0252z 8/25/2013
« on: August 25, 2013, 0414 UTC »
S8-S9 here, some static crashes, bu overall sounding pretty good.

Nice selection of blues.

Thanks for the show

Email addy is bouncing

Hearing theme for 2001Space Odyssey
Signal S8 with the noise Rough copy here

S9-S9+ with fading. I missed the ID due to the fading. Playing an instrumental song.
0217 - OM ID and YL ID with echo. Radio Echo One. Quite a few IDs this time around
0219- Song

Signal is clearer at times.

Thanks for the show

Weak here. S8 with the noise level. Tough copy. Heard Walking on the Sun and then another song. ID 0149. This is the station I heard after Man Cave Radio went off the air.

S9-S9+ hear. some fading. Audio seems a little weak

0136 ID Man Cave Radio Audio was decent on the ID

Lost it in the middle of the song. Signal much weaker, and playing a different song now.

S8 here, with the noise level

Armour Hot Dogs commercial and the more music.

Thanks for the show

Sounding good here. S9+-S9++ with good audio. Enjoying the 20 years of pirate radio broadcast.

Thanks for the show

S9+ with 1950's ? music Good sounding audio

Still playing some nice old rock n roll
Ohh yeahhh Little Feat!!
ID Wolverine Radio

Thanks for the show

Tough copy here, but getting better. S8 with the noise.
0040 OM ID X L R 8

I can barely hear it here. Sounds like a Kenny Wayne Shepherd or some other blues tune right now. I am getting some interference from somewhere. Sounded like some SSTV stuff at one point.

Just heard the Voice Of Bacon ID

About S8 here with a lot of noise.

I have had no luck decoding the SSTV

I could make out there was music, but that was about it. Pretty rough copy. Noise level is bad here tonight.

S8 here with the noise. Fading in and out at times good audio.

Music playing S 8 with the noise level. Decent audio. Have not heard ID as yet.

Heard ID at 0040. gruff voiced OM unable to make out email addy.
Was getting stronger and clearer until the ID now back with the static.

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