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Can hear music here, with female vocals at 2325 UTC.  This one is at equal levels with the noise tonight in NY unfortunately.  Around 2340 UTC, came back to this, and I'm pretty sure I was hearing the end of "Baba O'Reilly".  

Sounds like a Dutch station.  Played some country & western music, then greetings to a listener, now at 2311 with "You've Got the Look".  S7 signal in NY.  Unfortunately, the band noise is high.  Microphone audio much stronger than music audio, so should be easy to ID once I hear more announcements. 2316 UTC - Elvis Presley, "All Shook Up". More greetings and ID at 2323 UTC, followed by more C&W music.  When I checked  back at 2351 UTC, they were gone.  Best signal of the 3 stations I heard tonight on 48 meters.

Can barely hear some audio, the band has gone long and this one is skipping over me.  Song with female vocals (can only make out, "yeah, yeah, yeah"), with what sounds like a male rapper.  About an S5 here in NY at 0238 UTC.  SSTV at 0243, but not setup at the moment to decode the transmission.

Signing on now with "Whip It".  S6-S7 in NY.

Revised the subject line to show the correct UTC date.

Really cool to hear these shows from the archives once again.

North American Shortwave Pirate / YHWH 6280am 0300 UTC 11/29/2014
« on: November 29, 2014, 0308 UTC »
Was tuning around 48 meters to see if any Europirates were on, and found YHWH here.  Talking about Christmas, then started the creepy sign off tune, but a new show started right after that.  S7 in NY.

Hearing jazzy instrumental music between 2354 and 2359 UTC.  Now at 0000 UTC a "chanson" type song with female vocals.  S6 signal in NY, lots of static.

Hearing techno music just before 2200 UTC tune in.  S6 signal strength in NY.  Not sure if this is a Euro or not.

Nice S6-S7 signal in NY, playing pop music at 2310.  Could have been a song by the Spice Girls or Lady Gaga, something of that genre.  Talk by the DJ at 2315, sounds like a Dutch accent.

Went off the air at 2319 UTC.

Heard some weak music when I tuned in at 1232 UTC.  Shortly after I heard a male singer which sounded like Rod Stewart.  This was followed by a bluegrass/country tune.  Seems to have gone off around 1242 UTC.  S3 in NY.  I don't think the band has fully opened yet.

Since 1100 UTC or so, I'm hearing something on 15000 kHz which is puzzling me.  Just before the top of the minute, I hear 5 short pips, then one long one, followed by a voice announcement that I can't copy.  Right after that I hear "muzak", or some instrumental music.  This music seems to stop just before the pips, and has continued with this pattern for the past 20 minutes or so.

I hear this on the Syracuse remote radio also, so I don't think it's a local image or mixing product.
Anyone else hear this, or know what this is?  (It's been a very long time that I DXed a time signal station).


All I have here on 6951 at 2242 UTC is a carrier, and just the faintest of audio.  Band noise is strong, with some pescadores QRM.  Maybe someone else will be able to ID this?  Seems like another carrier has also appeared on 6953 around this same time.

S7 carrier in NY, but can't make out the audio that well, as modulation is weak.  Maybe someone else will have better luck. Music at 2304 sounds like "ompah" music, don't know a better term for this.

Heard the end of "Bad Company" at 0006 UTC, followed by some talk, then a folk song by Woody Guthrie.  S7 in NY.

C. David DeLay Jr. received the Purple Heart and became a sergeant during his three combat tours with the Air Force in Vietnam, but is most widely known to veterans as “Dave Rabbit,” his underground radio persona in Saigon.

For 21 days in 1971, Mr. DeLay broadcast acid rock and entertained his brothers in arms from a pirate FM station he set up in a Saigon brothel.

After the war, Mr. DeLay returned to Richardson, where he settled into his family’s business, Trophies Inc. In 2006, he reprised his role as the shock jock via salty streaming audio over the Internet for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For the past three years, he was the public address announcer for Southern Methodist University football, and recently the Mustangs’ basketball games.

Mr. DeLay, 63, died Friday at Baylor Medical Center at Garland of acute respiratory distress syndrome.
Visitation will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday at Restland Funeral Home in Dallas.
Services will be at 3:30 p.m. Thursday at Restland Funeral Home’s Memorial Chapel. He will be buried in Restland Memorial Park.

Mr. DeLay loved getting attention and making people laugh, said his son Chandler DeLay of Wylie.
Born in Dallas, Mr. DeLay grew up in Richardson.

“He was very funny and friendly,” said Ted Dodson of Grapevine, a friend since their days at Richardson High School.

Mr. Dodson remembers his friend riding around Richardson with six people packed into his Corvair convertible.

Mr. DeLay joined the Air Force after graduating from Richardson High in 1967. He served as an inventory specialist and was honored for his outstanding contributions during the 30 days he volunteered for a security police assignment.

He was wounded when his supply convoy was attacked, his son said. Mr. DeLay did not realize he had been wounded until he was back at the base and preparing to shower. A friend spotted the hole in his leg.
“The adrenaline was going so high, he didn’t know he’d been shot,” his son said.

Mr. DeLay was trained as a radio studio engineer during his third tour in Vietnam. Resentment was growing among the troops, who wanted better access to current music and better news coverage of the war and conditions in Vietnam.

He set up his pirate station in the back room of a Saigon brothel, placing mattresses on the walls of his improvised studio to block the bawdy noise. Mr. DeLay had help from his buddies in the Air Force police, who managed to protect his operation for three weeks.

Mr. DeLay shut down the station when he felt his police friends were in danger of being discovered, he said on a website created for veterans and current service members.

“The same thing he did back in Vietnam was the same thing he was trying to do for the troops now: keeping their spirits up and letting them have a little something from back home,” his son said.
In addition to his son, Mr. DeLay is survived by another son, Dallas DeLay of Dallas; three sisters, Pamela Mullen, Francesca Gregory and Haven DeLay; and two brothers, John DeLay of Gun Barrel City, and Dobie DeLay of Holly Lake Ranch, Texas.


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