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On and off right at the noise floor … no complete song or coherent speech. Snips of what sounded like movie clips and ‘rude noises’.

Any idea what this is?

Kinda in the noise, but popping up occasionally with pop/rock music
I think there was an ID at :06 -- more ear time is needed

In Michigan's Thumb with the RSPdx at the moment ....

I and others in Michigan have been hearing "555" sent in Morse code repeatedly since at least 2300 (it is still going at 0145 but starting to fade a bit).

There is apparently some sort of 'carrier' at 6960 but the code is clearly at 6961.

Does anyone have a clue about this?

North American Shortwave Pirate / WAZU 7520/AM 2100 5/Apr/2016
« on: April 05, 2016, 2223 UTC »
Mostly right at the noise level, but clear enough for some details ....

    7520 WAZU Radio right at the noise level, w/music fading up
       just before the ToH, often fading below the noise, including
       a LONG fade from about 5 after to well past a quarter after,
       but then back at about S6 levels for an ID including the
       WAZUshortwave@gmail.com email address, and an "ad" for snake
       oil designed to 'empty your wallet'. Details at "takeallmy
       moneyandfuckmeintheassuntilIbleed.com". Then at 2121 a OM
       voiced "WAZedU" ID and into more obscure music I didn't
          At 2140 WAZUshortwave@gmail.com email address repeated 3x
      and then a FreeRadioCafe.com promo w/a female computer voice,
      and another fake website promo.
          Back down to S2 or S3 signals and flirting with
       the noise level again by the BoH. Thanks to a tip from MARE! 
          23+3+42 2059-2145 5/Apr SPR-4 +ANC-4/randomwire   --Zichi MI

European Pirates and Private Stations / UNID Europirate on 6200
« on: October 04, 2014, 0237 UTC »
At the moment 0230 -- we've got something on 6200 playing Madonna, David Bowe and similar music .... Yowza?

Does anyone have an ID on this one?

Being heard by the crew at the Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts 'season opener' DXpedition at Port Hope Michigan ....

    6951/am CYOT with FUNKY rock music and computer generated voice
       mentioning gmail address and "6.951 MHz" as well as call which
       was too down in the mud to understand, but then into the
       attached SSTV photo sent twice, and CW ID 'DE CYOT' in between the
       two images and at the end. 34443 2336-2344* 13/Dec  --Zichi DXp

(corrected log!)

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