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General Radio Discussion / Re: My "Kinda" legal station
« on: August 08, 2014, 1648 UTC »
I was also told on another forum if I could have 2 transmitters synced at my house, and 2 transmitters synced at my brothers house, penetration into homes should be perfect.  So for the time being, my plan is to use this illegal transmitter when it arrives to get the 1 mile range into houses, using the minimum power needed to achieve this.  I'll cross my fingers that I don't get the "knock of doom", and buy 3 more legal transmitters in the next 3-6 months and try and get 2 synced on each property and see how it goes. 

Syncing the audio is one thing, to eliminate phase cancellation, but all the transmitter's carrier freq would need to be in phase as well. Without doing this, you'd just make a mess of your station, canceling your own signal out in parts & there being a terrible beat frequency oscillation at places where you can get it. You will get a 'knock of doom' doing this as it would just be a real mess of rf with no real signal intelligence.

Best bet is to go the carrier current route & stay legal, or just toss that to the wind & go with just a single transmitter.

The RF Workbench / Re: High Powered Pirates
« on: June 06, 2014, 1430 UTC »
I doubt you'd feel the RF from a 7 MHz TX at 10KW, unless you were right next to the antenna.  FM is a different story.  I've foolishly been within 3 feet or so of FM bays running 1KW on my parents roof.  You can definitely feel that, it feels like a burning sensation.  I also recall working on a few 50 KW AM's during which my knees and elbows would start to hurt after a while.

The power levels I play with these days, I don't feel a thing ;)


I had the opportunity to go up to the transmitter / combiner room of Toronto's CN Tower. It's got a whack of commercial FM & TV stations on it. In the combiner room, there is one section of coax that feeds the main antenna. Close too a million watts of VHF/UHF rf on it. You could feel a warm fuzz as you put your hand closer to it. Started about 2 foot away & got too strong at 1ft to go closer..:)

Stuck my head out of the 'roof' too. Wickedly neat.

Shhhhh, it's really the pleasure ships coming from Planet X for X-Day. Keep it quiet! Don't want the pinks to know...;)

OH boy oh boy... Now to listen to my most prized DEVO collection.... yea!!!  :P

And then I will listen to the FUGS...  great stuff... oh yeah and Frank Zappa...  skip Yoko please...


Egads... Yoko. Speaking of HF QRM indeed. The rest, great bands. Add to 'em though The Legendary Pink Dots, El Queso Allstars & The Amino Acids!


I don't want to offend anyone but...  let's get real, pirate means to play something that no one else is playing right???  Seems the current crop of pirates play the same old same old...(AKA SOS)  IMHO

sorry if I have offended anyone...

73 Vince KA1IIC

Lol, agree with you. My playlist consisted of Hour of Slack, Puzzling Evidence & anything else I can scrape off my vinyl collection. That was on FM. Now, with an HF setup, I'm debating..<g>

Shhhhh, it's really the pleasure ships coming from Planet X for X-Day. Keep it quiet! Don't want the pinks to know...;)

Lol, that's funny. Trans Atlantic was GB to Canada. Trans Pacific is just Hawaii to the continental US? Might agree if it was Australia/New Zealand or China / Korea, but strikes me that's only half way..:)

Wow, what a brilliant site. Thanks for the link!

lol, meanwhile, it's a scientist at the radio telescope using a remote control to unlock his car doors...

The RF Workbench / Re: High Powered Pirates
« on: May 22, 2014, 1736 UTC »
This setup wasn't too shabby. Owner seems like a typical spoiled brat mind you... 4KW on FM apparently...


Fading into Toronto, SINPO 24343

Great signal into Toronto +10 to +20 into Toronto. Keep it up! :)

Huh? / Re: Chuck Norris the DXer
« on: April 28, 2014, 2314 UTC »
Chuck Norris thinks turning off a tube linear when changing out the finals is for wimps.

As MRI said, KILLER signal into Toronto- S9+30!

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