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Into Ontario Canada with fading, but quite listenable. Improving into sundown. Thanks for the show!

Thanks for the show!

About s6 into Southern Ont - but get this- Listening with a hackrf with just a whip! Amazing...

Neat show, thanks. In the mud where I am, bad fading...

22:47 - Flying Lizards - Money

May be back on. Currently playing a motown sounding track. S8 with fade in south Ontario

16:48UTC - Neat Sweet Caroline/Heartache Tonight mashup

S6 with fade in southern ontario..

Got it here as well, 4x7 fading in & out...

21:01 ramones?

and abruptly off....

4x7 into south Ontario Canada.

Sounds like Talking Heads? Not sure. Bad het on the high side as well for me...

01:42 xlr8 id!

3x6 into Ontario Canada.. It's there, barely. At times fades in to s7 or so.

Wish I could pull this in better - sounds great when it does come in! Thanks Ghost!

13:01 - Sympathy for the devil...
13:04 - paranomia - signal is at about 4x7 now!

Fluctuating quite a bit, bad noise 3x5 into Ontario Canada...

Off at 13:47

Thanks for the show...

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6950USB 0310UTC
« on: June 07, 2015, 0324 UTC »
Wow, great saturday night!

5x9, nice solid signal into Ontario Canada.

Thanks to whoever's behind this one!

Solid signal in Ontario Canada, 5x9+10.

Should make for a nice SSTV decode!

Old blues at 01:35 UTC

Singing in the rain
If there's rain...

I believe the theme is rain!

5x7 to 9 depending on the moment, in Ontario Canada.

Talk about the Teksun radios, just came out of a Johnny Marr tune.

Not a talent scout, but fun show! (Former commercial radio producer)


HF Mystery Signals / Re: UNID 6942 kHz 2350 UTC 1 Jun 2015
« on: June 03, 2015, 1533 UTC »
I'm in Southern Ontario. I've set up the frequency on my HT & will monitor it during the day - Hopefully it comes back on.

5x7 in Ontario. Seems like an angry guy indeed..

s6 at 21:25 - Old radio drama, low level. In Ontario, Canada

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