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+10 in the PNW

0044 The Chainsmokers - Roses

+20 in PNW

0040 Little Seat - On Your Way Down

S9 in the northwest

0302z Stone Temple Pilots - Dead & Bloated
0305z radio host talking about ipad
0308z triphop music. I think he said this is the opener music
0311z talking about ghost of ukraine and finishes off with "Slava Ukraina"
0312z The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
0338z Host said "dedicated to the Russians. Get out of ukraine"
0339z Link Wray - Ice People
0342z Bad Religion - We're Only Gonna Die
0400z pranking people on craigslist about a forklift
0438z talking to his listeners
0509z Every Time I Die - We'rewolf
0516z wishing luck to the Ukrainian fighters and signing off

S9 but so is the noise in the northwest

2338z music

Sounds like Radio Pushka is still broadcasting.

0152 russian music
0204 ID Radio Pushka
0241 electronic music
0247 Oakland - You Don't Know Me

S8 in the Pacific Northwest

0315 music
0320 radio ID L0de radio hour, host talking
0330 pangea - kit sebastion
0400 Paul McCartney - wonderful christmas time

S9 in pacific northwest

From a friend: "pushka" means cannon and is similar to the english equivalent to mean "fire"

0249 Lots of QSB but when it comes in I heard some electronic music and radio IO something like suggested earlier "radio pushkin". Strong carrier
0302 tom petty - stand my ground
0322 slavic sounding lyrics
0325 definitely "radio pushka" more electronic music that I think qualifies as HARD BASS. Get out your track suits and squat
0344 S9+10 very clear now, still slavic electronic music
0434 sounds like some orthodox chanting in a song
0442 atmospheric drum and bass

Please update the title to "Radio Pushka"

0320 callers but the voice sounds like L0de
0353 song with lyrics "scoping out them police cars because I ain't scared I'm hard"
0432 trunk of my computer
0506 DJ Assault - Ass N Titties
0603 King Plague - Ave Maria

S9+10 in the Pacific Northwest

0103 Clutch - Electric Worry
0109 Whiskey Myers - American Outlaws
0116 SSTV but don't have anything to decode it
0118 Van Halen - Romeo Delight
0122 SSTV
0124 Roly Platt - Rippin it Up
0140 The Night Sweats - SOB

S9 - S9+20 here in the PNW with QSB

0116 native son
0119 summer in the city
0124 you belong to the city

S9 in Pacific Northwest and well above my noise. Looked like about 6khz wide AM signal

S9+10 in the Pacific Northwest
ID: L0de Radio Hour but also said WJERKN

0222 gave call in number 315-505-4666
0223 "jerk while you work" and something else as id
0235 talking about norm macdonald
0239 signal stopped but came back. reid as "l0de radio hour" which I recall from last month https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php?topic=85677.0
0247 ID again as "l0de radio hour" and mentioned frequency
0251 talking about voip service being down with a caller?
0259 call ended with toast
0304 talking about his book coming out in october and looking for reviews in exchange for a shirt
0326 tarot card reading for a caller
0339 talking about radioactive qsls
0401 rap music
0422 shoutouts to donors
0428 electronic music

Very strong S9+10 here in the Pacific Northwest. Seems like it might be Indonesian. The signal is very very strong and is consistent across all the people in the conversation so it's unlikely to be multiple stations.

1350 changing with mixed in language
1400 talking back and forth between two people in what seems like a radio show format

Group of people talking for about 6 minutes before chanting again

Clip of some of the talking between chanting

S9 to +10 over but heavy QRN and QSB putting it in the noise at times. Location Pacific Northwest

0222 unknown blues music
0235 still playing old blues music

S9+20 in Pacific Northwest. Amazing AM signal. I called in and xfm says he's running a 12khz AM signal. I'm listening at 8khz and can't go any wider in my SDR software. Sounds amazing

0232 asks for qsl at xfmshortwave@gmail.com and calls in 408-800-6925

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