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Messages - Ray Lalleu

1931 Unid, very weak, hip-hop~~, 1936 pop
1940 ID Radio two - no - zee (??), music: rock
1946 club music 80's style,  disco, 1950 more disco

2004 some side QRM, hard to hear, 2011 Nirvana
(2021 gone)

1925 last seconds od a Dutch(?) song, long blank, 1928 off

1914 "She's not there", 1916 ID, e-mail, nr, music

2055 ID, e-mail, announcing Black Sabbath, hard rock

Unid at 1842, barely heard at first, fading up a bit with music, not sure if talking too,
very very weak and too much atmo crashes, 1858 talking (no copy)

1831 IDs, ..way of life.., "I want to break free", op talking above, 1835
1921 Dutch schlager

1706 very weak, much noise (including ut.), hard to hear.
1708 ID, music
1830 Fortunes "Caroline"

1659 music, 1700 IDs (robot voice), music, 1702 talking
1721 "Broadway", 1723 DJ in Dutch, music, 1727 "La lambada"
1730 DJ in Dutch, 'Radio Nordzee' (which one ?), 1732 pop

1629 Unid on 5832,65 drifting, "The Wall", non stop pops, 1646
1714 multi-IDs, that in German was clear Radio Europa, on 5832,45 V, 1718 music

0848 Yellow "submarine", talking, "Girls girls girls", etc....

2110 silent on 6309,75 approx.
Lots of small  carriers between 6280 and 6320, don't know from what

2034 ID+e-mail, pop-rock
2105 "Walking on sunshine", on 6270,05 stable now

pops, 60's hits, IDs, e-mail and SMS nr, still good at 2250

Heard LHH at 1624, but I had to go. 2024 (I'm back),music
2058 ID and e-mail address, music, 2102 IDs, time pips, FSN, 2104 music

1320 now on 6270,0 kHz,rock, "I shot the sheriff", ID no copy, mentionning Fleetwood Mac,
some '......free radio on the shortwave', more rock, thinking it's still Focus Int'l
1341 ID, SMS nr, Hendrix "All along the watchtower"
1410 "Spirit in the sky"
1445 now on 6270,05 kHz, slow drift, very weak, music

Unid on 6269,6 kHz at 1234 UTC, with rock music
1240 talking, greetings ?, mention Carlos Santana, ID Free Radio -----,
into Troggs "Wild thing"
1243 jingle, ID not OK, "You really got me", 1246 jingle, "She's not there"
1250 IDs asFocus Int'l, @live.co.uk,etc, music

1217 music typical from R. Harmony, 1219 ID +e-mail address, more music,
sounds weak, with noisy background.
1230 blank carrier again, on 6309.83 approx.

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