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Messages - Ray Lalleu

1842 lots of IDs, with parts of tracks,
1843 that synthe W voice added a long announcement, mixed with music : no copy at all !
2030 usual living in the 78rpm past times
2110 ID, music

Heatwave on the TX ? Such a drift was not seen since the breakdown.
Typical play list, 2030 ID, 2100 ID, etc

On 5774,95 at 1403 : not the usual programme.
Instead, talking, and several versions of "Happy birthday to you",
1413 This is ..... (it was not Harmony)
1414 humorist with music
1440 now seems to be R. Harmony, 1450 Edith Piaf (but no ID)

1930 strong carrier, 1933 singer in Dutch 1935 another in Dutch

2005 still on with Dutch song.       (2022 gone)

Guess : JT

Or rather Batavier playing as a fake JT.

1925 talking and music on 6316.5, said 'It's The Ghoul' a couple of times,
1926 pop
1952 typical chat, ID : The Ghoul, into "I can see for miles"

Unid at 1919 on 6270,0
 then at 1920 moves to 6270,25
non stop pops 1924

1948 now hard to hear, "Shaft" theme

2022 music              (2042 gone)

On 6926 approx., wobbling signal (more or less, variable).
Music, M and W voices (probably adverts), IDs with 'Classic' clear, then mangled.
// stream, but at 1902 strong stanag almost killing the signal.

2025 carrier on 6926.2  (also at 2050)

0949 Unid on 6235, only talking, some political speech sermon in English,
but too weak, too noisy to understand exactly about what
(could be about refugies ?)

Latin American Pirate / Re: UNID 6934.8 AM 2350 UTC 4 Jul 2018
« on: July 05, 2018, 0134 UTC »
carrier at 0106, also at 0133
maybe audio in the mud, 0140 same level

0112 music on 6810.1 with fading
0127 still very quiet instrum. music, 0131 on
(0149 gone)

2026 typical time travel before WWII, 'Go ahead London'
2116 ID, etc

*1624 beginning of the SW relay, but almost killed by T-storm
1724 ID, less noise, music, frequent IDs
2040 announcing SW-MW-FM, 2107 again, etc

1545 typical music programme, 1556 ID,much T-storm noise, 5774,9 bit fo drift
Later, much better S/N, 2025 ID, 2102 singer in French

2006 music, talking, typical chatting, 2013 : ..Bogusman.., 2014 pop
2110 Different radio @yahoo.co.uk, into "Venus" (the real one)

Unid wobbling on 6926 at 1900, music heard in AM-mode (SSB fails).
Weak, also T-storm crashes, 1915 still no detail. (See on June 30th)
1921 natural W voice, 1923 M talking in English (no copy), 1926 music

2055 re(p)laying Bogusman ? but too much crashes

2237 better, LSB and USB give results, much talking, still noisy

0150 trace

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