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Unid very weak station on 6965 AM, still on at 2200 UTC,
probably european (Italian ?????), music, talking at times, almost no details :
1718 reggae
1819 Monkees "Last train to Clarksville"
now a bit better but unknown music, 2205

very weak music on 6950.48 at 0012-0017

2348 UTC, same kind of signal as yesterday on 6927,
music heard, same offset as yesterday (6926.97)
2359 too much bass ?
no, too much QRM on the sides, or some drift or wobbling ??

2218 UTC, music heard here
2230 very hard to get it clear (noisy, atmos, traffic)
2232 giving ID, but no copy here
2236 Dock of the bay
2246 ID including 'Channel'

Unid in German, pop-rock-maybe rap... M and W talk in German, short breaks at times,
1925 UTC stiil on
1935 ID (not quite OK, but said 'Enjoy the music') 30"   later break, trace of carrier ?

2307 v.weak music, in AM (but QRM on LSB)
2325 bit stronger, seems on 6926.95 maybe some wobbling (or other carrier ?)
2328 a few words ?, music, 2332 QRM fromChile ?, 2334 lost or end

2255 UTC on 15 mar 2018 :
carrier on 6925.15, no audio really heard
(not far Under noise)
2307 het on 6927,0 other station

Latin American Pirate / Unid 6935 0006 UTC 14 MAR 2018
« on: March 14, 2018, 0011 UTC »
carrier 6934.9 ,  audio USB only, but heavy noise here, 0010 not sure at the moment
edit : if not from Americas, then maybe radio war in Asia

2328  Unid with music, noisy
2331 latino song
2335 that's on 6950 AM (noise allowing to listen to the upper side)
2350 still there, (2358 no more there)

If it was on 6305,1 kHz, I would say R.Merlin Int'l
(but I was not listening at that time)

edit : Achim heard Merlin on 6305 at 1500 UTC, and recorded it for about 12 minutes.

Heard at 2117 UTC, movie soundtrack ?
including a translation of the song "Comment ca va"
2122 other song, 2125 other song, no more talking above, maybe it was QRM,
but still periodic ut. QRM and noise
more songs in English with some accent, maybe from a (long) cartoon?
2133 eastern european style, 2137 blank, again "Comment ça va" the original one,
but only part in French
etc... all from the same group (on stage ?) but some noise here
2200 off, that was the 2 sides of a 33rpm record, with side change at 2137 UTC
2203 back on, songs, 2209 fucking girl..,KIRK, etc.. address in USA .. Spingfield .. 1122 ..
.. university .. This is KIRK, 2213 music, more Bowie , 2215 ID again
2221 becoming weird, ..not KIRK.., etc.. going weaker Under ut. bursts here

Utility / Meteo station 6765 USB 0015 UTC 07 MAR 2018
« on: March 07, 2018, 0018 UTC »
IS,talk in English, IS again
0017 in italian on 6765.1 kHz
edit : 0030 still on, mentioning Marconi (?) many times,
not sure if in italian

Carrier already at 2255 UTC, maybe some talking at 2330 (or QRM ?)

some rock_rap ??, IDs: This is - - -  Radio
(double 3 ? Daventry ? ?)2343 off
edit: surely Seven trees Radio
2359 : music, strong signal
0004 : This is Seven Trees Radio (3 times), off
0024 rap, 0026 ID, off

6925 U, v.weak, v.noisy here, soundtrack frome some movie or TV series,
heard since 2308 UTC, with music background and speech
could be a long scene, same music background all along, still at 2320
sounds like a dream in a movie

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