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Shortwave Broadcast / VOA 15165 AM 1719 UTC 5.22.2022
« on: May 22, 2022, 1722 UTC »
1719 Been listening since 1700z. Reception improving, very good now. News talk of US politics, Trump, gun laws. ID at 1723z, some world news now.

1735 Science talk now, the Universe and the Big Bang. Good programe from VOA.

They have been down for awhile and often are.
Not a huge problem there are other sources for propagation data but I wonder what their problem is.

2042 WEHM ID, music, 2047z CW ID WRLY. Fair/good recept
Thnx Frank
2105 EHM ID
2109 Another ID, I like the music they play.  :)
2115 SSTV
2118 Cheryl Crow  :)

Yes CT YANK, tired of wearing flannel. Ready for hot and humid.

Thanks for the relay WRLY!

Shortwave Broadcast / KBS WORLD RADIO 15575 AM 1343z 9 APRIL 2022
« on: April 09, 2022, 1350 UTC »
1343 Pop/Rap type music, YL DJ. Good reception, SIO:333
1350 YL DJ with song rundown, more tunes. No ID heard yet.
1356 ID KBS World Radio by YL.  :D

Shortwave Pirate / KBC Relay 6925 AM 1753 UTC 4 APRIL 2022
« on: April 04, 2022, 1758 UTC »
1753 Pop type tune playing with YL singer. Poor/fair reception in CT. SIO: 222
1759 Commentary, news maybe in German. Some brief S9 peaks with deep fades to noise floor.
1801 Music, Michael Jackson.
1817 Music, reception improving some.

Thanks for ID Frank!

Shortwave Pirate / WMR relay 6925 AM 1626 UTC 3 APRIL 2022
« on: April 03, 2022, 1627 UTC »
1626 Music, good reception S9.
1628 ID World Music Radio. I would guess a relay.
1646 ID
1659 ID into Reggae style music, S9 with moderate fade. Good music.

2056 Carrier up.
2100 Music box IS, Ion?
2103 Repeated IDs Ion Radio, music 70s tune. Good reception.
2106 ID IR, music. S9+ with some deep fades. Nice audio.
2111 The Beatles.
2123 "Dixie Chicken"
2148 A Queen tune.

2130 Hearing music just above noise and improving. Taking a guess it's The Vault based on yesterdays posts.
2138 Possible ID The Vault, not 100% sure though. Weak and a lot of noise.
2158 ID? into Reggae type tune. 2202z ID?, I'm going to need help with this one. S9 signal but a lot of noise.

2111 Thanks Vault Keeper!

FM Free Radio / The Beginning 88.5 FM 1730 UTC 19 March 2022
« on: March 19, 2022, 2227 UTC »
While waiting in the parking lot of Westerly Hospital today I finally caught an FM Pirate.

When I'm by cities like Hartford, New Haven, Boston ect I will tune around the lower FM band looking for pirates. I have a list of several frequencies to check at different cities but have never had any luck.

Anyhow I had decent reception and audio at first and caught an ID right away,"88.5 FM, The Beginning" over Latin style music. I remember hearing their Shortwave broadcast and they mentioned their FM Frequency. A Spanish woman who said her name was Marie/Maria mention they have been trying to get their FM station back on the air after several months of serious technical problems with equipment, antenna, audio gear and fires in the studio, "Just about every Fricken thing has gone wrong..." and she went on for a little bit. This lady was quite funny with a seriously heavy Spanish accent. She sounded like Charo. The audio quality was very bad and may have been some interference from nearby stations. There was a lot of crackling type noise and cut outs then the power level just seemed to go down steadily for about 30 seconds then completely gone. What I managed to catch only lasted under 2 minutes.

I will try to dig up their email addy from the shortwave broadcasts and try to get some info. I may be able to pick this up at home.

Nice to pick up a 22 meter beacon, this one from Winston, NC on 13564.89 CW.
Decent reception, enough for solid decode on Fldigi.  7 "RFs" in a row then a long dash.

Shortwave Pirate / Ion Radio 6930 AM 2003 UTC 14 MAR 2022
« on: March 14, 2022, 2007 UTC »
2003 A few Dr. Hook tunes with a few breaks in audio, S7 peaks with nice AM audio. Some fades.
2010 "Brand New Key" by Melanie.
2013 "Never Rains In California", deep fades. Another tune I haven't heard in decades.  :)

Thanks for the tunes!

10/11 meters / 11/10 meters open 1837 UTC 6 MARCH 2022
« on: March 06, 2022, 1839 UTC »
Activity on nearly every CB CH. USA stations and Spanish heard.

10M Beacons
       28.205.5 kHz   WD5GLO/B
       28.029.5         DEN5TIT/B EIM12PX
       28.225.05       K5GJR/BK5GJR/BEL17EL17

There may be errors in decodes of call signs, but these are what are being clearly repeated.

1905z Plenty of phone QSOs/contesting on 10m.

Shortwave Pirate / Ion Radio 6955 AM 2011 UTC 27 FEB 2022
« on: February 27, 2022, 2012 UTC »
2011 Muddy Waters tune, S9 in CT
2013 ID into "How Long". Sounds like Eric Clapton.
2017 Another Clapton Blues tune.  8)
2020 ID into SSTV, not set up to decode though.
2026 A really sweet guitar version of "Georgia on my mind". SSTV.
2044 The Doors.

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6918 USB 2230 UTC 24 FEB 2022
« on: February 24, 2022, 2232 UTC »
2230 Rap type tune playing, S9. CNR?
2246 Off suddenly. No ID heard.

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 AM 1710 UTC 20 FEB 2022
« on: February 20, 2022, 1711 UTC »
1710 Mellow jazz, noise and fade. 322. Off suddenly at 1711z.

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