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2155 "Walk Like An Egyptian", "Walking On Sunshine".  S9+
2200 "Man Eater".
2205 Hewey Lewis. Great signal.
2209 "Our Loves In Jeopardy".
2213 ID "Cloud Splitter Radio" into "I've Done Everything For You". Solid S9+10. 8)
2220 "Heartache to Heartache".
2236 Signal dropping out suddenly, S1-2.
2241 Down to qrn level.

2136 Nothing?
2139 Back on with theme music. S8  :)
2141 Off.
2146 DW on the mic, says "There might be ice in the feed line but someone stole my later." Signal much weaker then before.
2148 DW on the mic, tough copy. "Having problems, going to keep broadcasting."
2150 Music but poor copy now DW.
2202 DW on the mic, talking about antenna but poor copy with fades below the noise. Good luck DW. Signing off now?

2332 Rock tune  playing into SSTV, S7.

2225 Music playing, good signal.
2246 ID "Cloud Splitter Radio" and email.
2330 "I Can Dream About You" ending. S9
2340 ID and off.

1758 Good reception. Numbers read in Hawaiian.
1804 Off

Thanks, QSL?

0027 Tom Petty playing. Fair/good signal, audio is a little rough.

1522 Good signal, dialog from "Dragnet". If I remember correctly Amphetamine Radio used to test with Dragnet audio. I miss that station, lots of SSTVs and CW.
1531 Signal down now, fair reception. Off approx 1535z.

2251 Music playing, in the noise.

1724 SSTV in progress, Just got the tail end, Robo YL with Happy Kwanzaaa. OFF?

Got one to, thanks!

The Smacker stepping on the other stations again. I guess he owns 4030 also.

2138 Fair reception with Christmas music, "Silver Bells". S9, fade and noisy.
2142 Punk Rock/Pop type Christmas tune with YL singer.
2148 12 days of Christmas spoof, noise is really bad at times.
2150 "Happy Holidays".
2152 ID "Cloud Splitter Radio" into "Feliz Navidad".

1520 Decent reception, fair amount of fade and noise though. Relays and reception reports?
1522 OFF

2213 Music playing. SIO:233

2211 Good signal with Adult Christmas humor, hilarious!
2214 OFF. Damn, missed most of it.

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