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Waterfall images alongside the audio broadcast

Hearing electro-swing and electro-swing covers!

2359 UTC ID as KRAP with DJ Freddie Flintstone

A little over s9 and 545 SIO on W3HFU 250ft V-Beam kiwisdr

1414 UTC ID as Jeff Regan, Investigator. This episode is "The Lady with No Name".

Listening on Chris' 900ft sky loop WebSDR

On Chris's Kiwisdr; carrier seems to be unstable in frequency.

1854z OL talking about watergate.

Just in and out of the noise on http://www.ecsykes.com:8073/ in victor, NY

1903 SSTV I captured over the same kiwisdr

Copying on a kiwisdr in the mojave dessert.

s7 with drops to s5 and below. noise is low.


hearing the show pretty well on Globaltuner in vero beach, fl. Some static.

0316 "straight on for you"
0317 ID, talking about power and playlist issues
0330 ID, cousin record, apologizing for voice, homebrew ac, battery power
0355 ID GET UBLOCK ORIGIN for your ads.
0414 ID

(aircheck please?)

Listening to RFW on k2sdr, when I saw this pop up in the waveform

0138 UNID Ambient Music intermixed with LSB Peskies
0142 Now speaking intermixed with music s7 but in the noise. SIO 433
0146 Foreign Language speaking and indian sounding music

I wish I could have listened to this..  :'(

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: X-FM, 6875 AM, 0137, 1.17.16
« on: January 17, 2016, 0315 UTC »
Listening on globaltuner in vero beach fl.
now on the gulch webradio. Was local signal quality for a while, now fading.
late tune in >:(

0315 ID
now playing groovy 70's stuff
0320 ID
0320 now dance tune
0325 ID
0330 ID
0350 trying to remember what he played!?
0400 godzilla
0440 ID (still listening)
0444 final shoutouts
0451 final bump and s/off

just want you to know you are coming in on the twente receiver in the netherlands

hit me with the MP3 later?

0137 XFM interval signal "broadcast will begin in 5 minutes"
0151 Talking about QSL's and reception reports (thanks for letting me qsl for hearing over globaltuners!)
0153 Email addres given
0213 back announce "chemical brothers - GO"; playing listener request from 2001
0228 ID, still hearing radar noise
0303 Calvin Harris feat HAIM - Pray To God (STILL RADAR UGGGH)
0304 ID, Talking about bollywood sountracks
0311 shoutouts, including my name! -- Thanks!!
0324 ID and email given
0403 ID and into foo fighters song

SIO 534 on Lexington, KY webradio
SIO 544 on Vero Beach, FL webradio (hopped over because the lex, ky radio only has low quality option)
     some very annoying Radar noise though

If you have an MP3 of the show (when it is done), Redhat, please hit me with it!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WDDR 3440 USB 0147z
« on: January 01, 2016, 0242 UTC »
Great show, listening via Chesapeake Bay, MD globaltuners radio since wolverine show.
SIO 545

0241 "I have over 10,000 songs"
0245 "killed that thing; drove a stake through its heart" + ID + "Hey skipmuck"
0256 "Just a Gigolo" for the 3rd time!!
0421 still rolling!

I think this is a "NYE through the years" program

2238 Pop megamix -- sounds like some kind of year-end party mix ~30 sec segments of pop tunes
2239 "happy 2008" synth version of auld lang syne
2243 2 YL singing auld lang syne
2244 OFF

2252 "that old black magic"
2254 auld lang syne AGAIN!
2254 "bobby tucker and all the kids in the choir"
2255 cbs "songs for Sinatra ID"
2256 OFF again

very listenable on Chesapeake Bay, MD webradio

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