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MW Loggings / UnID 1710 khz USB 0650 UTC 3 FEB 2022
« on: February 03, 2022, 0701 UTC »
Very faint, but sounded like a male anncr, no music, seemed to come in better on USB than AM.

0456-58 Strong w/"Fever," sounded like Joe Cocker.

Fairly strong signal with moderate fades.

Thanks for the show!

Neil Bartlett, Mt. Horeb,Wisconsin
Eton Executive Elite

Poor with what sounded like techno dance music. Tecsun pl-660. 0131-2

Fair signal, with fair amount of fading.

0140  "Caifornia Dreamin' (Mamas and Papas)
0142 -- quick ID and sound of bowling pins, then 'These Dreams" by Heart
0146 -- "Daydream Believer" (Monkees)

Thanks for the show!

FM DX Loggings / FM from OK and TX into Wisconsin
« on: July 25, 2021, 0540 UTC »
Apparently tropos cx before dinner today. Between about 2150 and 2230 UTC, logged 4 stations from Oklahoma and Texas -- KWFX 100.1 (Woodward, OK), KVSP ("Power 103") 103.5 Anadarko, OK, KOOL
FM 100.7 Abilene, TX and KATP "The Bull" 101.9 Amarillo, TX. The Abilene station showed up first with an ad for a local car dealership. Glad I was in a parking lot and not on the road! A shock! But a pleasant shock.  Car is Honda CRV.

Neil Bartlett
Mt. Horeb, Wisc.

0214 Very poor w/what sounded like male DJ patter.

Neil Bartlett  Mt. Horeb, Wisc.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid 6955 USB 0101 utc 20 SEP 2020
« on: September 20, 2020, 0114 UTC »
0000 Excellent with "The Devil's Radio"w/ moderate fading.

Thanks for the ahow!

0207-0210  "Jessie's Girl" then into "Diamond Girl"

Weak signal but pretty steady.

Thanks for the show!

0140-43  Fair w/rock song w/male singer and piano.

Actually on 5059.95

MW Loggings / Re: WCSZ 1070 AM DX Test 0429 UTC 22 August 2020
« on: August 22, 2020, 2313 UTC »
I listened for almost an hour,0400-0500 UTC. Heard the code twice. Does anyone know if they were playing country? That's mostly what I was getting...including Floyd Cramer's "Last Date."

0214 Mentiion of HF Underground during anncr patter. Video game audio overpowering the music and anncrs. Very lively format! Signal strong. Thanks for the show!

0223  Poor w/music, sounded like female vocalist. Also pretty noisy.

2126 UTC "Broadcasting from somewhere under the stars," shout-outs, male anncr. Signal fair to
good here. Thanks for the show!

0224  Irish music. Easy copy, good signal, little fading.

Thanks for the show!

0059 Very good to excellent w/technopop.

Thanks for the show!

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