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Shortwave Pirate / WBOG 6925.354 AM 12.27.15 20.47 Z
« on: December 27, 2015, 2051 UTC »
signed on at 20.47 Z 6.925.354 AM with excellent sounding audio (music), plenty of low frequency response, AM modulation percent peaks to 110% in about 6Khz bandwidth.
good signal with fades.
attached a 10 second sound sample recorded with a total bandwidth of 10Khz and audio frequency response from 20Hz to 10Khz, no DSP/NB applied.
21.23 Z - drifted up 16Hz to 6.925.370 Mhz
21.25 Z - heard ID as what possibly sounded like "WBOG" then off air

General Radio Discussion / shortwave frequency info
« on: November 29, 2015, 2111 UTC »
came across this and thought id share it.
pretty accurate tool to determine band conditions if you TX or RX:

Shortwave Broadcast / UNID @ 3320 Khz AM @ 0453 UTC
« on: November 26, 2015, 0455 UTC »
playing OM unidentified music @ 0453 UTC - S7-9 - lots of fading
unusual frequency - 10Khz below CHU
edit 0500 UTC: i am dyslexic and tired, i meant 3320 Khz , not 3220 Khz  :P
0507 - up and down into the noise level at times
0511 - "hey man nice shot - filter"
0016 - faded out/off

Utility / 6.530.5Mhz, 6.560.5Mhz, 6.662.5Mhz & 6.713.5Mhz SSB
« on: November 18, 2015, 0533 UTC »
6.530.5Mhz, 6.560.5Mhz, 6.662.5Mhz & 6.713.5Mhz SSB
is this ACARS or CPDLC data on HF for commercial aircraft ?
i can provide an SDR I/Q sample if you cannot receive this in the east coast of north america - im in NY.

FM Free Radio / faint signal @ 87.740mhz in NY
« on: November 02, 2015, 0012 UTC »
barely receiving in Hampton Bays, NY on an outside dipole.
had to narrow filter to 150khz in in order to receive it slightly better (with obvious distortion).
unable to receive in vehicle as radio doesn't go below 87.9mhz.
I strongly believe this signal is originating from further west in Suffolk county, NY.
modulation is fm standard, not tv modulation, though this is analog tv audio for channel 6, off by 10khz (87.750) there are no analog tv stations in the tri-state area operating on channel 6 that I know of.
playing unidentified music, talking and heard what sounded like church music this morning, 11/1/15.
obviously, the lower their modulation, the better I hear them, which is how I identified church sounding music this morning (was able to listen on NFM @ 32Khz deviation)

hi everyone.
new to the site and forums but not new to the scene.
was an ex FM/SW/MW pirate broadcaster many years ago in my teens/early twenties.
came across this carrier which does not appear to be something that is standard for SW broadcasts.
slightly off frequency from 9.965Mhz @ 9.964.574, very low AM modulation as well as severely distorted but has a strong signal @ S8/9, 45-50dB SNR.
appears to be broadcasting the news.
using SDRsharp, funcube pro+ dongle, horizontal dipole NE/SW direction.
receiver location zip code 11946.
anyone have info on what this station is ?

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