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European Pirate / TRX Radio - 6300 (was 6935) AM - 2115z - 10/22/2016
« on: October 22, 2016, 2118 UTC »
2117 - oldies music - great AM audio - S5-S7 with fades
2132z - signal much stronger peaking to S9 now but with fading, appears to be 4Khz audio but excellent low audio frequency response.
2138z - OM - "you could be enjoying..." then cut out mid sentence, 3 seconds of silence then into another oldies song (lol)
2152z - OM synthesized voice "TRX radio radio TRX shortwave" ?
60 second sound clip recorded at 2150z, SAM @ 4Khz - http://www.scpdny.com/22-Oct-2016-175010%206.935060%20MHz.wav

European Pirate / Coast FM - 6205Khz AM - 10/22/2016 - 2046z
« on: October 22, 2016, 2048 UTC »
good signal and audio across the pond to the "right coast" of the US.
averaging S5, peaking to S7, fades in between.
appears to be about +100Hz from 6205Khz, receiving with 5Khz bandwidth.
2100z - local news (never heard a pirate with local news before)
2102z - station ID "coast FM... 102.5 & 102.7" then into Eurythmics - sweet dreams" - sounded like "102.5" but could have been "sixty-two-oh-five"

European Pirate / Commander McLane 6980 AM 9/24/16 2235
« on: September 24, 2016, 2337 UTC »
S5-6, been listening for a bit, sounds like its Euro.
2235 - Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill
2339 - heard YL speak, couldnt understand it since it sounded German.
also another one popping up at 6985 AM, weaker than 6980 AM.

Spy Numbers / 6920 LSB 9-4-16 0223z
« on: September 04, 2016, 0225 UTC »
S5-7, sounds like German numbers being read.
0225 - heard what sounded like keyboard typing in the background.
0230 - stronger signal now, not sure what this, sounds like the same words repeated over and over, perhaps "testing radio" and "hello" in a different language ?

nothing new to report than the frequent idiots that cannot properly operate and maintain a high power broadcast transmitter.
completely overmodulated with splatter extending up to 50Khz that can typically be heard at 9915Khz and 10015Khz (see screen shot), unreal.
i just dont understand why they even bother.
its just a true waste of electricity, tubes and airwaves lol
edit: the shadow line in the center white spectrum display was set to 5Khz to give a perspective

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6930 FM 0119 UTC 18 Jul 2016
« on: July 18, 2016, 0122 UTC »
signed on at 0119 into Micheal Jackson "dont stop till you get enough" in FM, S5 signal
0121 switched to AM
0122 off mid song
edit - at 0118 there was a 1Khz tone in FM that slowly sweeped to 200Hz before 0119
0125 carrier for 15 seconds then off

Shortwave Broadcast / UNID 6870 AM 2315 UTC 21 MAY 2106
« on: May 21, 2016, 2321 UTC »
been hearing this fade up and down in the noise level with the quick occasional peak to S5
2320 - UNID music and heard an OM speaking but cannot understand
2321 - "thumping" bass music
2324 - heard OM speaking, sounded latin american.
2331 - sounds like latin music, over modulated with distortion

HF Mystery Signals / 6.969Mhz - 24Khz deviation WFM
« on: March 01, 2016, 2122 UTC »
anyone have any idea what this is ?
it appears to be WFM @ 24 Khz deviation, some sort of high speed data/modem.
here is a link to the 22 second, 192Khz sampled, 16MB, I/Q baseband file recording for playback in a compatible SDR baseband I/Q player

Utility / 6.739 USB numbers and letters ? "semi-pro" ?
« on: February 26, 2016, 2302 UTC »
6.739 USB
sound sample included > http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/RVJgbla2/file.html
reading numbers and letters and then says "this is semi-pro out"

Shortwave Pirate / Liquid Radio 6.925.100 AM 2000z 2/26/16
« on: February 26, 2016, 2139 UTC »
can hear bass thumping but at noise level with fades up to S5
edit: typo error, meant 6.925, not 6.250
2147z - drifted up to 6.925.130
2154z - unid music and now at 6.925.140, some light LSB "peskie" interference
2200z - drifted to 6.925.149

Other / strange broadcast @ 6750 Khz 1457z 2/26/16
« on: February 26, 2016, 1515 UTC »
some sort of over modulated 5Khz bandwidth AM broadcast thats on/off intermittently with deep fades (NVIS)
confirmed its not my receiver as i am also receiving this on the SDR console W1NT remote receiver.
currently receiving this in the northeast coast of the USA.
could it possibly be a harmonic from an AM broadcast radio station thats having an antenna problem ?
recording > http://www35.zippyshare.com/v/9er91AT2/file.html (the buzzing in the recording is an old CRT TV in my home)

Shortwave Pirate / 25.909.880 FM 2017z 2/25/16
« on: February 25, 2016, 2019 UTC »
S7 on peaks with long fades, averaging S5, deviation is low but appears within 5Khz
2017z - pure prairie league "let me love you tonight"
2023z - faded to just a discernible carrier now
2026z - carrier gone
i should have recorded this but by the time i got it setup to record, it was pretty much gone
after a search through the forums for "25910", it appears to have been logged on 2/13 as an STL but i would expect an STL to be on frequency and sound better than what i heard, this didnt sound like an STL.

Other / MARS on HF 6.897.5 USB
« on: February 03, 2016, 1815 UTC »
been listening to these guys for awhile and an operator mentioned a website to download software that encodes/decodes the data that they send between themselves (Automated Message Terminal) - thought i would share this info
Automated Message Terminal software - http://aar3hb.com/amt/

operating today at -0.300Hz off frequency (5.109.700Khz) using emission H3E (upper-sideband full-carrier) at 6.290Khz upper modulation bandwidth with slsight audio distortion.
whats up with that ?
Allan having transmitter issues ?
i wasnt going to even bother mentioning 7.490Khz being completely over-modulated either but seeing 5.110Khz operating in this manner is quite unusual.

Shortwave Pirate / WAZU the "zed" 7.524.222 Khz AM 13:29 UTC
« on: January 03, 2016, 1335 UTC »
i stumbled across this and thought it was just another SWBC but then figured there shouldnt be anything broadcasting in this part of the band during this time of the day though thats not always the case, then i heard the older male talking about "pussies" and noticed it was off frequency (clue 1) and didnt quite sound like a "regular" shortwave station to me  8)
its also not using the standard 10Khz modulation typically found on SWBC stations  :o (clue 2)
older male speaking about pirate radio and "pussies"  ;D
excellent sounding audio @ S6-7  ;)
13:35 UTC - drifted up 5Hz to 7.524.227
13:37 ID as "WAZU" the "zed" and gave email wazushortwave@gmail.com
13:38 UTC - mentioned hfunderground.com forum
13:43 UTC - signal jumped from S6 to S+9 after he said "give it a little zed" as if he turned on an amplifier  :o
13:57 UTC - "fearless fred" as the DJ - funny skit commercials
14:00 UTC - signed off
thanks for the great show fearless fred !
looking forward to hearing more !

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