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Still going strong here in Alberta at 0400, with talk about motivation for the shows.

ID at 0327, mentioning approximately 30 watts of power, brief talk, then back into music

Great signal into Alberta.   Went off at 0324 with announcer giving ID and thanks for listening.

Just left the air.  Nice to hear their annual visit.   Very clear reception this year, perhaps my best ever.

Fair to good signal level here in southern Alberta at 0150.

Decent signal level here in Alberta at 0250 with a couple of IDs, but quite a bit of interference.

Solid signal here in southern Alberta with "American Woman" at 0119

Fair signal with "Monster Mash" at 0107, then parody, mentioning Judge Wapner

ID at 0010 "This is WJAN Radio", then into Ghostbusters theme.    Strong signal here in Alberta

Pretty good signal here in Alberta this evening.   Several WDOG IDs noted,  "Two Tickets to Paradise" at 0127.   Seems to be a 'money' themed show this evening.

Loud and clear here in southern Alberta.  A couple of IDs as B Side Radio at 0146, then into Stan Getz tune, followed by Roy Orbison at 0150

Not super strong here in Alberta, but quite clear with 'Outhouse Radio' ID and into Metalica's "The Unforgiven" at 0127

The signal here in Alberta is just about good enough to ID songs, which is better than it was when I first tuned in around 0045.

Super signal here into Alberta this evening.

Very nice signal into Alberta with "Bad Moon Rising" at 0040.

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