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Spy Numbers / V15 started to broadcast on FM
« on: January 07, 2017, 1728 UTC »
Hello Everyone.
I told before Echo of Unification started to transmit new frequencies (SW, FM, but MW has gone.) on Dec. 21. 2016.
And they also began to broadcast PBS(Pyongyang BS) on FM 92.5 92.8 93.6 103.7 MHz.
So South Koreans can listen to V15 through FM.

I received V15 on FM, but that recording file has a lot of noise because I did V15 at first.


Sorry Everyone, I wrote the reception time by mistake.
EDIT: 00:16 UTC → 15:16 UTC

Seoul Namsan tx started to jam 93.6 MHz too.

Voice of Unification, a propaganda broadcasting against South Korea re-transmitted FM 97.8 MHz, made new frequencies, SW 5905 kHz, FM 97 MHz 89.4 MHz, and removed AM 684 kHz and 1080 kHz. they transmit VOU on AM no more, and South Korean jammers turned off AM(684, 1080 kHz) too.

Original frequency: SW 3970 kHz, 6250 kHz
Re-transmitted: FM 97.8 MHz
New Frequency: SW 5905 kHz, FM 97 MHz, 89.4 MHz
Removed: MW 684 kHz, 1080 kHz

South Korea FM Jammers which are located in Namsan started to prevent Pyongyang FM and VOU frequencies from receiving in South Korea.
Now FM Jammers in South Korea: 89.4 MHz, 92.8 MHz, 103.7 MHz

After then, there was 6215 kHz on 15:00 UTC on 7th Dec too.

Spy Numbers / V24 South Korean Numbers Station 6215 kHz appeared again
« on: December 07, 2016, 1633 UTC »
6215 kHz, V24's salient frequency, appeared again on 15:00 UTC on 5th December 2016.
Before it appeared then, it had not been shown since August 2016.
When I received 6215 kHz this month, it still has the same music and spy (No. 1094).

This is the video about 6215 kHz Eric Young received on 5th.

Spy Numbers / Re: V24 new schedule?
« on: November 11, 2016, 1443 UTC »
2016. 11. 11. 4925 kHz turned on from 14:28 to 14:39

Spy Numbers / Re: V24 new schedule?
« on: October 24, 2016, 0746 UTC »
on October 23, 4900 kHz transmitted on time, but 5150 kHz hasn't seen yet since October 21.
Recently, 5115 kHz did on October 11-13-16. Will 5150 kHz also start again today? (October 19(Not sure)-21-'24')
We need to pay attention to V24 today!  ;D

+Added on Oct 24
5150 kHz didn't transmit today.


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