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Well I was enjoying the show and nothing....went off the air I guess!

Hard to find good program material during the week!

Radio Shortwave 6955 USB 2102 UTC 23 JAN 2022

Decent signal and coming up!

S6 60's music

Nice signal!

Signal now up to S9 on the 7800 with some slow QSB.

2131 Acid Rain by Badlands
SINPO 44344

Audio now garbled.....

Music is nicely modulated but ID tracks are way overdriven and garbled.....

Love the guitar pickup comparison!

Back on 22:33.....

Amp tripped off again at 22:31.....

Should be named Radio Chaos....this thing is all over the place.

Off at 22:10 and back sporadically 22:19....Jumping round between songs with injections of a computer generated female voice.

Mostly Lets Go Brandon...

Strong here at S9....

Interesting show for sure!

Anybody besides me hearing a rebroadcast of Art Bell on the same frequency at solid S5+

Guess the guy is in my back yard....

A rebroadcast from Art Bell in 1997....really!

We have two strong stations on 6025 and neither are heard well here because of interference with each other.

Need to work it out....

Wish the UNID on the same frequency would move up 5Khz.  A rebroadcast of an Art Bell show.  S7 here in the deep south.

Catch us if you Can underneath by Dave Clark 5 20:34 UT

Rebroadcast of Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell...  20:30 UT

Second station now showing up on 6925 playing music...20:26 UT

Solid S-6 with QSB in South MS.

Sounds like someone is rebroadcasting a Radio show on a licensed frequency.  No ID so far.

Talking about a camera in space taking pictures at 20:12 UT. A Dr. Newcome is referenced. Trying to discredit NASA.

Nice signal S7-S9

Music Metal

2308 UTC Sonne Rammstein

Must have blown up....went off the air right in the middle of a song.  0007 UTC

Other / Re: WWL 8th harmonic 6969.977 AM 2200 UTC 26 Sep 2021
« on: September 26, 2021, 2223 UTC »
OK ID'd as 3rd harmonic of WWL 870 New Orleans...

Nothing to see here please move along... :)

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