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Other / WWL 8th harmonic 6969.977 AM 2200 UTC 26 Sep 2021
« on: September 26, 2021, 2215 UTC »
Very weak but have checked it on two radio's and two different antennas.

Found while testing a new loop antenna on weak signals. 

Mostly talk alternating between a male and female.  Maybe a harmonic.  Did note some music just before 2200 UTC

Seems to be getting a bit stronger.

Now music and maybe an ID but too week to make out. 2215 UTC

House of the rising son at the moment

S3 and in the static crashes but easy to hear.

1807 "Somebodys Watching Me" Rockwell. Deep QSB

1813 "You're listening to Radio ????"   didn't get it all....

1818 "electric Avenue" Eddie Grant

1823 "You're listening to RadioGenix"

Galaxy News Radio

Closer to 6954.5 USB

S6...Nice signal

Special report...Three Dog Radio. Repaired Radio relay

Public service announcement for DC.  then music....

Shazam wont identify...Red Letter Day...I'll pop the question and you'll say OK.

Super Mutants in DC....

just barely discernable above the noise at times in south MS.

40m sloper and Plessey 2280. 


Nice signal into South Mississippi this afternoon.  Some minor fading but great audio.

Thanks for the show!

Nice signal into South Mississippi this evening.  Love the oldies!

Thanks for the show!

Great signal and audio....

Into south MS camping setup...cheap loop @ 20’ and my trusty AOR7030+.

Thanks for some great music!

During the Chicago song the signal took a nosedive suddenly.   

Listening on two different receivers here.

Guessing something at the Xmitter.

Good audio and enjoying the show.  Just in the noise now.


Male identified as “Welcome to Two Dog Radio”

0100 UTC “Kongo” Come With Me Now

Signal up and down at noise level!

Really strong here in South MS. If I were at home it would probably s9+20 but I’m in a camp ground with a Chinese loop at 20’ and my AOR-7030+ and it’s S6. Awesome audio. Great music lineup!

Copied a short test earlier this afternoon.


Strong in South MS. Intermittent on and off. Sending recording of WWV...spoof 2153

Off at 2154
Back at 2157 with pulsing noise...drum beat type of sound! Definitely a recording.
Off at 2159

Must have just been a teaser!

On now...00:08...   WWV for the time of your life!

00:13 UTC....Dark side of the moon music....

Music with male vocalist in the noise....

In the noise...Tom Petty song all I can tell...has come up from nothing...hopefully it will continue to!

Campground in south MS with Chinese amplified loop at 20 ft. AOR-7030+

Still on...22:14 S5 into gulf coast of MS. Jazz Fusion music. Haven't caught an ID.  USB running 6Khz BW.  Nice audio. RX-340 with Alpha Delta half sloper for 160/80/40/30 ham bands.

Nice ride!


0303Z S7 Neil Young Damage Done

USB probably due to my wide 4.8khz filter selection. Narrower filter and no USB.

0350 UTC  S6 some QSB “Year of the Cat”
0354 UTC sign off after some political commentary.

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