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Good signal down here, peaking at +15 over S9

Pixies - Wave of mutilation

XLR8  S9 +15 Very good signal.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Program on 5130 AM 2304 UTC
« on: March 20, 2017, 0116 UTC »
I'm hearing filthy Phil on KXUA Fayetteville, Arkansas via WBCQ

S9 +

Nice clear copy on Wolverine tonight, +15 with some Billie Holiday I believe.

Clearly going with the Lover theme for tonight  :) nice playlist.

0032 Steppenwolf, Born to be wild
0035 Rolling Stones, Wild horses

Solid S7

Had him peaking at 10 over, nice clean sound, cheers XLR8.

Good clear audio here, S9 with some static. Good variety of tunes, digging it.

Huge signal down south. constant 10+ over S9. sounds like an FM station  ;D

General Radio Discussion / Re: Those Wacky Pescadores
« on: September 23, 2016, 2352 UTC »
Thanks for the info on the Pescadores Chris, I've been hearing them a lot lately on and around 6925. It seems a few have made a home there on LSB. Peskies indeed.

2310 Tuned in in time to catch the Anthem at a decent S5 with a little bit of noise.

S 3-4 in North Fl. mucho QRM from south of the border, nice metal show though.

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