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i would tend to think the engineers at WWCR are aware of such an issue ?

0225 - test tones S9 on st Louis, MO SDR
0227 - steely dan "FM" - lots of bass but low on the mids and highs
0233 - female spoken about 20,000Khz to 20Hz then test tone from 20,000Khz to 20Hz
0234 - Elton John "bitch is back"
0241 - finally identified with my ears another EJ song "saturday nights all right for fighting"
0243 - fleetwood mac "dreams"
0247 - EJ "benny and the jets
0256 - Heart "magic man" (didnt know the other song prior to this one)
0307 - hall & oats - "shes gone"
0310 - heart "crazy on you"
0315 - gloria estefan "rhythm is gonna get you"
0319 - off after last played song
(the operator of this SDR keeps switching it off to transmit)

General Radio Discussion / hand made vacuum tubes
« on: March 21, 2017, 1121 UTC »
except for the repetitive music, thought this was a pretty cool video.

S9+ - sounding really good with 10Khz bandwidth from NH remote SDR.
thanks for the daytime working entertainment !

Software / DIGTRX working on windows 10 (solution)
« on: February 19, 2017, 2022 UTC »
if your computer does not have a physical serial COM port, DIGTRX will not function - serial COM port function was built into DIGTRX to enable PTT transceiver control.
in order for DIGTRX to work on windows 10 without the "error reading comcombobox1.comproperty: registry error" coming up, you will need to install a "virtual serial COM port".
if you plan to use a serial COM port from DIGTRX for PTT transceiver control, i would suggest purchasing a USB to serial COM port - a USB serial COM port will also enable DIGTRX to function without this error.
install "virtual serial driver" from > www.eltima.com/products/vspdxp/
this is trial/demo software that expires after 14 days but since we are not actually using the eltima program itself and the COM serial ports within DIGTRX, were only using it to get the DIGTRX to function - DIGTRX just needs to "see" a serial COM port.
after installation of the virtual serial driver, launch it and then press "continue demo", then press "add pair" and then close out the eltima software program.
then DIGTRX should be completely functional.
i do not know what the effects will be when the trial/demo expires after 14 days (probably cant use the ports but they will still be there enabling DIGTRX functionality) but there are other free options available to install a virtual serial COM port from a google search (use caution), i chose this one for its simplicity.
please let me know how this solution worked for you as it works flawlessly for me (windows 10 x64 pro)
if DIGTRX was coded to suppress exception errors, this issue would be non-existent. (it was coded using C++)

Equipment / very interesting transceiver
« on: February 16, 2017, 1655 UTC »
this is an SDR transceiver using a small form factor PC main board with windows 10, with the capability to use an external monitor, keyboard and mouse.
manufacturer - https://eesdr.com/en/products-en/transceivers-en/mb1-en
demonstration - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzkpFfLRURM&t=315s

General Radio Discussion / A little detail about RelayStation
« on: January 25, 2017, 1808 UTC »
not that anyone would particularly care and might not understand the technical aspects of this, but i thought id share some specifics about my HF station in case there are inquiring curious minds.
the transmitter is a Yaesu FT-757GXII, chosen for its simplicity to modify.
it is completely modified by me for full audio spectrum on AM only, from DC to at least 20Khz (70% power drop at 20Khz sine 0dB).
i also modified the unit for better carrier and peak envelope power output, 50 watts and 200 watts PEP respectively, power output is adjustable.
the cooling circuit of this unit has also been modified and improved for full duty operation using a linear 20 amp power supply (which is also cooled) operating at 15VDC.
the RF output travels through LMR400 at 100 feet to a 3 wire matched dipole for 5.150Mhz (modified bushcomm brand).
the height of the dipole antenna to the ground radials is specifically set to provide 60% angle of RF radiation for NVIS and 40% at a near horizon angle.
the audio processing is performed by "stereotool" (excellent software audio processor) on an Asus windows 10 netbook using a virtual sound card for the input and the headphone jack output matched at 75 ohm line level using shielded 75 ohm cable connected to the transmitter, the audio bandwidth is currently set at 5Hz to 5Khz as most self contained radio receivers besides SDR's have filters set at 5-6 Khz.
the netbook is remotely controlled using "Team Viewer" which can be used on any device including smart phones.
the transmitter also has thermal, VSWR, current and voltage shutdown protection that i added.
the frequency 5.150Mhz was chosen after extensive research prior to using it to be certain of its assigned status in the USA.
i cant think of anything else but if anyone has questions, ill be happy to answer them :)

North American Shortwave Pirate / Pee Wee Radio 6955 USB 0119z 10/16
« on: October 16, 2016, 0121 UTC »
0120z alternate version of "aint no sunshine" - good audio
peaking to S5 via remote SDR in New Hampshire.
0123z - band condx very sporadic and strange, for one second it jumped to S7 and back down to the S2-S5 range.

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