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0102 S5 peaking S9 in SW VA.
0144 SSTV - then off.

Thanks for the show!

0205 Solid S5-7 in Southwest, VA hearing "Super Freak" on 6.949.85
0209 SSTV
0214 SSTV
0216 "Low Rider" into another song.

S4 in Southwest, VA with some noise.
0115 Radio Enterhaken
0123 ID Radio Enterhaken into Linkin Park - In the end.
0133 Linkin Park - What I've Done
0145 ID and speaking about Linkin Park.

Thanks for the show!

S5 with noise in Southwest, VA.

0022 Receiving S5 in Southwest, VA. - Country music.
0023 CW ID into The Doors - Riders On The Storm.
0025 Dire Straits - Money for nothing.
0028 CW ID

Thanks for the show!

0150 Hearing music with about S3 in Southwest, VA.

0146 S7 in Southwest, VA.

0046 Receiving S9+ in Southwest Virginia.
0053 Wolverine Radio I.D.
0101 Wolverine Radio I.D.

Thanks for the show!

2218 Receiving S5 peaking S7 in SW Virginia.

0232 S5 peaking S7 in Southwest, VA.
0234 EAS with Air raid siren.
0240 Off air.

2309 Solid S9 in Southwest, VA.
2318 Off

0044 Receiving a solid S9 peaking 15 over now!
0052 "Walkin' on the Sun" - Smash Mouth
0106 suddenly off

Thanks for the show!

0001 Weak copy in Southwest, VA.  Have about a S7 noise level at the moment but can hear music way down in there.

2327 Solid S8-S9 in Southwest, VA
2339 - Welcome to Clever Name Radio - Signal is still nice and strong!
2355 Off?

Thanks for the show!

01:54 S7 - S9 in Southwest, VA with a little QRM.
01:59 SSTV
02:22 SSTV then off air.

01:07 Receiving S5 peaking S8 in Southwest, VA.
01:50 Off Air.

Thanks for the Show!

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