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Shortwave Broadcast / Radio habana Cuba on 5040 kHz
« on: September 18, 2017, 0615 UTC »
Caught there English program right at the end. There signal was fading in and out. I'd say a solid 333.

i'm not sure exactly when this started but the famous uvb-76 numbers station just had a message.
1900 utc 8-19-17 police sirens in buzzer
1904 police sirens and buzzer stop
1917 buzzer comes back
again i'm not sure when the sirens started i just started listening to an online SDR and there were sirens.
this is also only the second number station i've ever heard live, the first being a cuban station.

Equipment / Dipole help!!!
« on: July 23, 2017, 0144 UTC »
Does anyone have any dipole designs they know work? I've got 50 watts running through 25 feet of cable to an inverted v shaped dipole coming from my attic window on 6915 kHz and I can't seem to get anything on the online sdr. Any ideas?

We plan to test out our new antenna this sunday at 0100 utc by playing an assortment of rock songs. So please tune into 6915 kHz and listen. If it works we'll try to make a show out of it.

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