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S7 at Loo, Sweden SDR
1500   ID for Misti Radio
1501   High School Confidential by Jerry Lee Lewis
1504   Let's Have A Party by Wanda Jackson

S8 at Loo, Sweden..
1448--Tennessee Stud by Edy Arnold
1451--ID by Announcer with freq as 5827
1452--Ghost Riders In the Sky  by Gene Autry

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Radio China 6020 AM 1924 UTC 9 November 2020
« on: November 09, 2020, 2032 UTC »
If RRI or CNI, why does it belong in a European Pirate Listing?  Solid in Loo, Sweden, however, at 2030 with S9+15 db signal levels...SINPO 55544

S5-S6 at Vinstrup, DK SDR
1110   The Horse  by Cliff Nobles
1111    Woman and Man ID for TRANCE AM, with email address of transam@gmx.net. 
1111    Asia Minor  by Kokomo
1113    Rocking Goose by Johnny and the Hurricanes
1115    Apple Jack by Jet Harris & Tommy Meehan
1117    Man announcer and Woman announcer "You are Listening to TRANCE AM Radio" email address tranceam@gmx.net
1118    Transmitter CD

S5 at Weston UK...SINPO 25332
0300    Yellow Rose of Texas by Montivani
0302    Woman announcer with ID for Texas Radio Short Wave, and gives email address
0303    I Can't See Texas From here by George Strait
0305    Girls From Texas  by Pat Green Featuring Lyle Lovett
0308    What I like About Texas  by Gary P. Nunn

S8 at Laurel, MD
0122    I see A Million People by Peggy Lee
0123    ID by Man  "Wolverine Radio".  Then People Are Strange by The Doors
0125    People got To Be Free  by The Rascals
0128    EveryDay People by Sly & The Family Stone
0130    Man announcer "Wolverine Radio" Then Wonderful World, Beautiful People by Jimmy Cliff
0133    I've Seen All Good People A: Your Move, B: All Good People by Yes

S6 at Vinstrup DK, S5 at Julessdalen NO, S5 at Fuzesabony Hungary
Electro-Pop and Italian music 1609-1702 UTC
IDs by "Man--You are Listening to--"Woman--Bella Italia"...
email address: radiobellaitalia@gmx.net

Terrible conditions--weakly heard...

Latin American Pirate / RCOV 6905.96 USB 0045 UTC 5 November 2020
« on: November 05, 2020, 0048 UTC »
S5 on AOR7030+ here in Laurel, MD
El gallo Pinto by Un Solo Pueblo
ID includes R.O.C.V. and seems to always include frequency of 6906 kHz..

S9 at NW Ireland SDR
Top of the Bay by Otis Redding
The Happening by The Supremes

S7 at Vinstrup DK SDR
1623    Start Me Up by Rolling Stones
1626    In A Broken Dream  by Python Lee Jackson & Rod Stewart
1630   A man announcer with "Radio 208 The Rock of Copenhagen".  The next selection was "Fire" by Jimi Hendrix
1633   Kom Och Ta Mej  by Intermezzo.
1636   A jingle was played with woman saying "Radio 208)".  This was followed by "How Soon Is Now" by The Smiths
1640   Shadow of a Gypsy  by Ache
1644   A man announcer with "This is Radio 208 the Rock of Copenhagen", this was followed by "Send Me A Post Card" by Shocking Blue
1647  Woman by John Lennon
1650   Man announcer with Radio 208 the Rock of Copenhagen, then Itchycoo Park by Small Faces
1653   Man announcer with "This is Radio 208 Copenhagen".  The next song was "Kimberly" by Patti Smith.
1657   Power in the Darkness by Tom Robinson Band
1702   Do You Want to Touch Me? by Joan Jett
1705   Very heavy Broadband noise from 5775-5835 kHz  S9+ noise...signal barely audible
1706   Tuned away due to noise presence.

S4-S5 at Julessdalen NO SDR
Almost non-stop Trance music...Suspect Trance AM the source...No IDs yet at 1138

S8 at Loo, Sweden...
Groovin' by the Young Rascals
ID for Misti Radio
Classical Gas by Mason Williams

S6 at Loo, Sweden..Great songs
All Right Now by Free
Stuck  in the Middle with You by Stealers Wheel
Highway to Hell by ACDC
2-4-6-8 Motorway by Tom Robinson Band
ID on Pirate Chat room as Melkbus Radio International

S8 at NW Ireland SDR--
1820   White Ligntnin' by George Jones--ID in Dutch and English, then more music

S5 at 2022 at Loo, Sweden..
2025--Panda Radio ID...pandaswRadio@gmail.com

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