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TNX Terry

But that bounced, too.   So I removed the extra letter K and capitalized PIR as stated on the broadcast.

Now this:  haroldkrishnaPIR@gmail.com

And this one has NOT bounced.  So maybe a QSL might show up.


Sudden s/on at 2321 on 4065 kHz.  I was typing a log for Channel Z Radio that signed off suddenly at 2319, when the General Underseas Service of Partial India Radio began suddenly.  QSL info was given at 2327 was a gmail address.  Then music.  Had to bale for dinner upstairs and nothing heard when I returned at 2350.  Decent signal and was probably the same xmtr used for Channel Z Radio heard earlier.

E-mail to them bounced.  Gave haroldkushnerPIR@xxxxxxxx   Not sure of the kushner spelling.  Any better ideas?

Rock music prgm with IDs at 2311 & 2314 by OM DJ as Channel Z Radio.  Isn't this a Euro Pirate?

Sudden s/off at 2319 with no ancmt.

Don in northern MI

Wolverine Radio 6960 kHz USB with old classics from 20/30's.  Very good at S-9 with some fading.  ID's at 0010 & 0018.

Hearing an AM signal on 6880 fading in & out here in northern Michigan.  Hrd "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" around 2208 on 3/01.  No announcements heard but deep fading. 

Don Hosmer  W8SWL
W Branch MI USA
e-mail:  W8SWL@arrl.net

R Casablanca  0115 IS (sounded like old VOA IS), 0116 FR national anthem, EG ID at 0118 and then some talk by OM drowned out by static.  Old Andrew's Sisters song at 0019. 

Please eQSL to hosmer@voyager.net

Hrd here in northern MI on 6876.16 in AM mode with tons of static (no storms nearby however) and deep fades from 0125 onwards.  TCS ID and mention of 1985 at 0132.  Signal seems to be increasing in strength with less fading at 0140.

Pse e-QSL.

Hrd from 0040 to sudden off at 0058 in AM mode on 6965 kHz.  Lots of QRN from summer storms (but not around me).  Very nice jazz with no IDs or announcements hrd.

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