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Latin American Pirate / 6925- AM. RCW. Sept. 28. at 2120 UTC.
« on: September 28, 2018, 2128 UTC »
6925 AM, Radio Compañia Worldwide, sept. 28 2120 UT.

Music of 50's and 60's in English, Spanish and Italian.

SINPO: 45444

Claudio Galaz.
ANT: Beverage antenna + Balun 9:1
QTH: Ovalle, IV Región. Chile.-

** CHILE. 6925. RCW. March 15. Sputnik Mundo Spanish news. SINPO: 45343 (Claudio Galaz, RX: Tecsun PL 660; ANT: Dipole; QTH: Ovalle, IV Región, Chile) 

6925-AM. RCW. March. 02. 2320-2350 UTC. Program "El castor cibernético" from Radio Canada Intl. SINPO: 54544

Rx: Tecsun PL 660.
Ant: Random wire antenna
QTH: Barraza Bajo, IV Región, Chile.

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