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Got a good copy into SW FL in the mobile. 444 copy sounds good on the FT 891 thru the car stereo. Thanks for the broadcast!

The RF Workbench / Re: Transmitter set up
« on: January 14, 2020, 0445 UTC »
One advantage of AM over SSB of course is that every SW receiver does AM, but not all can do SSB. Of those that do SSB the cheaper ones often are not EXACTLY on frequency which is good enough for speech but not music. These days though good SSB gear has come down in price a bit & with an SDR its easy to get right on frequency.

One disadvantage of AM is that it's not as efficient and gear tends to run a bit hotter since the carrier is being transmitted even during silence.

As for sound quality tbh I kinda like the sound of SSB better. It's not gonna have the low end like AM but its not as prone to sounding "muddy" like weak AM signals can.  Just my .02 -Justin

Great signal into SW FL tonight S9 on the meter. Mentioned going to broadcast less often like once a month with more good music. Sign off @ 0038z Thanks for the show Zeke!

10/11 meters / Sporadic E 10m/11m 1/5/20. Made a contact on .5W!
« on: January 05, 2020, 2232 UTC »
We had a nice band opening most of today on 11 & 10. I heard KM4GBM calling "CQ FL" on 28.400 so I responded but remembered I had the power turned to zero on the 7300. Very much to my surprise I got a response! Turned the power up and back to zero (0.6W peak on my mfj meter) to make sure & yeah he sure could still hear me! Pretty amazing. Right now in FL I'm hearing MD, PA, & OH.  -Justin

S7 in SW FL. Heard sign off around 0507 with SSTV & Happy New Years wishes to listeners. Thanks for the show! -Justin

Hearing hardcore music @0511 in SW FL S7 a bit of fading. Havent heard an ID so far. Ok got an SSTV "DAMN SKIPPY" at 0522 over the music.
0529 "Pirate Radio" SSTV Robot36  -Justin

Tuned in and heard techno music ended (off?) at 0221. Good signal into FL. Thanks & Happy New Year!

North American Shortwave Pirate / WDDR? 4045 USB 0126 1 Jan 2020
« on: January 01, 2020, 0129 UTC »
Hearing rock music S9 into SW FL. WDDR? just heard an ID might have said WDDR. Thanks & Happy New Year. -Justin

Hearing The Beatles S9 into SW FL. Now Zeke and into a recorded story. Thanks & Happy New Ears! -Justin 

S7 is with a bit of fading at 0132z into Sarasota, FL. DJ DW playing Paul Springsteen now. Good copy despite some static crashes. Enjoying the show here, Thanks & Merry Christmas DW!   

Got it here 59+10 into SW FL. Sounds like I just caught the end (mentioned running out of tunes.) Great Signal & thanks for the broadcast. Merry X-Mass! -Justin

10/11 meters / Re: 11M E Skip at 01:00UTC
« on: November 26, 2019, 1657 UTC »
I managed to catch the E opening last night and in SW FL mostly hearing midwest.. I recently bought CB to just kinda leave on ch 6 for Sporadic E betection.

I'd recently read that when the E skip gets real close to check 6 meters. After working two FL stations tried 6 andI managed to work a few stations on FT8 (first time on 6 !) The signals were either very strong or barely there...little in between

Ten meters was also alive I heard a few stations there as well. I had fun on 11, 10 & 6. Now I know when to check 6M :)

Got it here S9 into SW FL.  Good signal switched from 6931? 0048 playing "Born in the USA" Signed off at 0106 as KAOS Radio said be back on the 4th. Thanks for the broadcast! -Justin

Saw a signal pop up & straight into Jimi Xendrix All Along the Watchtower. Sounding good S9 here in SW FL. Heard OM say Keep it on the floor" at 0021. Very clear signal! Off at 0022? Came back with some synth music & a snip of "this land is your land" -Justin

Just tuned in at 2319 UTC hearing music S6 in the noise here in SW FL.  -Justin

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