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Thank you to both of you for your replies.

I have contacted OFCOM and will wait to see what they say. I've had dealings with them before so I'm not holding my breath for a straightforward "yes you can" or "no you can't" answer, though!

Assuming that beacons are legal or at least tolerated, can somebody please suggest where I could get a 22m beacon kit from in the UK?  Is there a company or individual out there who will send kits outside of the USA?

Many thanks.

Greetings everybody from the south of England!

I am new to this website but I am particularly interested in 22 meter beacons.  I never even knew that such a thing existed anywhere in the world!

I like the idea of putting a beacon on the air from my location - assuming, of course, it would be legal to do so.  I've done some research online about the 22 meter ISM band.  I gather it's a worldwide allocation, but I did not find any web page that even addressed the question as to whether running beacons in the UK is legal or not.

I could make a dipole with no problems at all.  My homebrewing / soldering skills are very basic though.  Something like the kit from Black Cat Systems would probably be OK for me to put together, but designing or building anything more complex than that would be beyond my skills unfortunately.

So my two questions:

1)  Does anybody know if 22 meter beacons are legal in the UK?  Or, at least, there is no official published guidance that bans them?  I would work on the assumption that anything that isn't specifically banned is allowed.

2)  If beacons are legal / tolerated, does anybody know where I could buy a kit similar to the one sold by Black Cat Systems?  I say 'similar' because their website says that they don't ship outside the US.

I would love to host a beacon and try to get a signal across to the USA using the really really low power allowed on this frequency!

Many thanks for reading this and for any help you can offer.

SWL in IO90 (England)

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