We seek to understand and document all radio transmissions, legal and otherwise, as part of the radio listening hobby. We do not encourage any radio operations contrary to regulations. Always consult with the appropriate authorities if you have questions concerning what is permissable in your locale.


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January 06, 2020, 0009 UTC
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Kenwood TS940s/at; Kenwood TS450s/at; modified Icom R75; modified Sony ICF2010; Panasonic RF2200, RF2600, RF2800, RF2900; Zenith Trans-Oceanic R-7000-2; numerous other vintage multi band receivers; Silvertone 4565, Grundig 2440U, Hallicrafters S38 and numerous other vintage tube radios; numerous homebrew crystal sets; numerous homebrew long/randomwires and loops including a 290' Loop On Ground with a homebrew 9:1 transformer; Par EF/SWL sloper; Wellbrook ALA330 and ALA1530LNP loops; 5/8 ground plane vertical.

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