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HF Beacons / Re: My Evening Beacon Log
« Last post by Teotwaki on Today at 05:19 »
2097.315 KHz  Letter A peaking 15 dB above the noise
4096.355 hKHz  Haysack. Fair signal with fading
4102.850 KHz  Windy. About 15dB above the noise with fading. Light breeze. Temp 58 Battery 12.7 volts
Norway becomes first country to switch off FM radio

13 December 2017
16:58 CET+01:00

Norway on Wednesday completed its transition to digital radio, becoming the first country in the world to shut down national broadcasts of its FM radio network despite some grumblings.

As scheduled, the country's most northern regions and the Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic switched to Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) in the late morning, said Digitalradio Norge (DRN) which groups Norway's public and commercial radio.

The transition, which began on January 11th, allows for better sound quality, a greater number of channels and more functions, all at a cost eight times lower than FM radio, according to authorities.

The move has however been met with some criticism linked to technical incidents and claims that there is not sufficient DAB coverage across the country.

In addition, radio users have complained about the cost of having to buy new receivers or adapters, usually priced around 100 to 200 euros.

Currently, fewer than half of motorists (49 percent) are able to listen to DAB in their cars, according to DRN figures.

According to a study cited by local media, the share of Norwegians who listen to the radio on a daily basis has dropped by 10 percent in one year, and public broadcaster NRK has lost 21 percent of its audience.

"It's a big change and we have to give listeners time to adapt to digital radio," the head of DRN, Ole Jørgen Torvmark, said in a statement.

"After each shutdown (in a region), we noticed that the audience first dropped but then rose again," he added.

The transition concerns only national radio channels. Most local stations continue to broadcast in FM.

Other countries like Switzerland, Britain and Denmark are due to follow suit in the coming years.
Huh? / Pat DiNizio, lead singer of the Smithereens, dies at 62
« Last post by Fansome on Today at 02:06 »

Pat DiNizio, lead singer of the Smithereens, dies at 62

December 13 at 3:41 PM

Pat DiNizio, who as lead singer and songwriter for the New Jersey band the Smithereens blended pop, rock and New Wave music for such hits as “Blood and Roses” and “A Girl Like You,” died Dec. 12. He was 62.

The band announced the death on Facebook but did not disclose any other details. Mr. DiNizio posted several days ago that he was hopeful of getting back on tour as he continued physical therapy for neck and back injuries at the Victorian farmhouse he was restoring in Scotch Plains, N.J.

The Smithereens peaked in the late 1980s and early 1990s but continued to tour and record. Their more recent albums included “2011” and “The Smithereens Play Tommy,” a tribute to the Who’s rock opera. Mr. DiNizio also released an album of Beatles covers “Meet the Smithereens!,” in 2007.

Mr. DiNizio was born in Scotch Plains on Oct. 12, 1955. He helped form the Smithereens in 1980 after placing an ad looking for a drummer to help him on a demo tape. Dennis Diken responded and with him brought Carteret High School classmates guitarist Jim Babjak and bassist Mike Mesaros. They named themselves after a favorite word of cartoon character Yosemite Sam.

“We all happened to love the same music and also as importantly be fans of the same pop culture things,” Mr. DiNizio told SugarBuzz Magazine in 2007. “We grew up watching Soupy Sales, Chuck McCann and The Monkees. We all grew up reading Mad Magazine and there was a shared background. So we agreed upon all of that.”

Influenced by everyone from Buddy Holly to the Clash, the Smithereens blended catchy melodies and grinding guitars on “A Girl Like You,” “Only a Memory” and other songs. Their breakthrough came in 1986 when “Blood and Roses” was featured in the movie “Dangerously Close” and the song’s video was aired on MTV.

Mr. DiNizio was a movie fan whose stylish ballad “In a Lonely Place,” featuring Suzanne Vega on backing vocals, included lines from the Humphrey Bogart movie of the same name. His unsuccessful bid as the Reform Party candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in 2000 was chronicled in the documentary “Mr. Smithereen Goes to Washington” (2001).

His opponents included Rep. Robert D. Franks (R) and the millionaire Goldman Sachs co-chief executive Jon S. Corzine (D), who eventually prevailed. On the hustings, Mr. DiNizio criticized them both as ill-suited to looking out for the interests of average citizens. “As Jerry Garcia said, ‘Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil,’ “ he told the New York Times.
Equipment / cheap amazon BCB AM filter....
« Last post by rwfisheriv on Today at 02:03 »
Just received my cheapo Chinese BCB AM filter from Amazon.  The good doesn't make the radio (Afedri SDR-net) deaf.  The bad doesn't completely deal with my intermod problem.  I'm just going by eyeball right now, i'll try and do some direct comparisons +/- filter later this week or weekend and post some data.  I do wonder if it would be possible to stick it between the antenna probe and the amplifier on my H800, however....logically it seems to me at least it would make sense to remove as much unwanted signal before the amp......
Longwave Loggings / Re: December 2017 NDB Logs
« Last post by jFarley on Today at 01:47 »
All my logs so far. I am slacking in the west coast dept:

Great logs, Chris!
Keep an eye open for MOG 404, Montague CA.  25W but this sucker really gets out, and I see it several dozen times a season. It is generally an easy catch on the LSB.  There are times when it is much stronger than locals such as CM 407. 

Best bets for BC are UAB 200, 350 NY, SX 368, and 385 WL.
21:42 utc elderly woman behind a counter in a small town/pearl jam
21:45 utc yellow lead better/pearl jam
22:00 utc lost signal
22:02 utc Jeremy/pearl jam
22:06 utc black/pearl jam
22:12 utc better man/pearl jam
22:17 utc fairly local/twenty one pistols
22:20 utc ride/twenty one pistols
22:22 utc schism/tool
22:29 utc droppin plates/disturbed
22:33 utc all right now/free
22:35 lost signal
S5 signal static and fading here in northern Canada

I m not a music expert thanks Shazam
Propagation / Re: MW Signal Strength vs Distance
« Last post by pinto vortando on Today at 00:05 »
  I do not know what types of antennas DGPS stations use, I assume very short verticals? 

DGPS radiobeacon (transmitter) antennas typically 150' - 300' tower with top loaded element and a good ground plane.  Short with respect to the frequency in use but large compared to the typical NDB antenna. 
Longwave Loggings / Re: December 2017 NDB Logs
« Last post by ChrisSmolinski on December 13, 2017, 2348 UTC »
Curse you jFarley, this is addicting.

New logs since my last post:

Date and Time   kHz     Call    City                                    State ITU       km       
2331 12/12/17   254     5B      Summerside                              PE    CAN       1292       (New)
2334 12/12/17   257     SQT     'Satellite'  Melbourne                  FL    USA       1338       (New)
1138 12/13/17   407     BZ      'Bullo'  Statesboro                     GA    USA       913        (New)
1141 12/13/17   397     CIR     Cairo                                   IL    USA       1109       (New)
1142 12/13/17   397     ZHA     Ancaster  (Hamilton)                    ON    CAN       464        (New)
1145 12/13/17   382     SP      'Huskk'  Springfield                    IL    USA       1098       (New)
1145 12/13/17   379     BRA     'Broad River'  Asheville                NC    USA       694        (New)
1146 12/13/17   375     PJS     'Henry'  Newport News                   VA    USA       289        (New)
1148 12/13/17   365     FKV     'Flowery Branch'  Gainesville           GA    USA       871        (New)
1150 12/13/17   344     JA      'Dinns'  Jacksonville                   FL    USA       1118       (New)
1151 12/13/17   341     YYU     Kapuskasing                             ON    CAN       1171       (New)
1152 12/13/17   338     UMP     'Metropolitan'  Indianapolis            IN    USA       778        (New)
1153 12/13/17   326     BKT     Blackstone                              VA    USA       302        (New)
1158 12/13/17   276     YEL     Elliot Lake                             ON    CAN       869        (New)
1200 12/13/17   260     YAT     'Wapisk'  Attawapiskat                  ON    CAN       1528       (New)
1203 12/13/17   224     MO      Moosonee                                ON    CAN       1315       (New)
1204 12/13/17   216     YFA     Fort Albany                             ON    CAN       1433       (New)
2320 12/13/17   361     HB      'Himun'  Burlington                     NC    USA       478        (New)
2321 12/13/17   362     SUR     Fitzgerald                              GA    USA       1069       (New)
2323 12/13/17   364     ZHZ     'Split Crow'  Halifax                   NS    CAN       1230       (New)
2323 12/13/17   368     ZYZ     Toronto  (The Queensway)                ON    CAN       482        (New)
2324 12/13/17   382     BT      'Herro'  Burlington                     VT    USA       615        (New)
2333 12/13/17   407     OX      'Landy'  Ocean City                     MD    USA       213        (New)
2333 12/13/17   407     FR      'Frikk'  Farmingdale                    NY    USA       317        (New)
2337 12/13/17   397     ZST     'Alpine'  Saint John                    NB    CAN       1087       (New)
2337 12/13/17   391     OO      Oshawa                                  ON    CAN       495        (New)
2344 12/13/17   346     VU      'Aller'  Albemarle                      NC    USA       545        (New)

All my logs so far. I am slacking in the west coast dept:

22 Meter Band / Re: Dasher 13555.94 2242 UTC 13 Dec 2017
« Last post by ChrisSmolinski on December 13, 2017, 2320 UTC »
Earlier around 2226z I saw a distinct letter B on 13557.62 or so. Not exactly sure who that could have been, maybe 13557.50 PBJ Tracey City TN?
Shortwave Pirate / Re: Clever Name Radio 6940 USB 2151 UTC 13 Dec 2017
« Last post by Skipmuck on December 13, 2017, 2317 UTC »
2315 UTC Been listening since around 2245 UTC....Nice to hear a setlist with lots of Pearl Jam!  :)
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