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FRS/GMRS would likely be quite interesting, but I'm also sure it would be overloaded. Probably a bunch of Baofengs in use for various frequencies as well.
Interesting. Listening to a caller to the American Journal, with Harrison Smith, this morning, a caller whom was on MURS CH3, (151.940MHz FM.), during the 1/6/2021 D.C. Rally, heard someone key-up and shout, "Ring-a-ling, ring-a-ling!!! We're in the Capital BLDG!". Then, all that meyham started. Hmmmm...
HF Beacons / Re: Letter Beacon A? 6942.6 khz 1620UTC
« Last post by syfr on Today at 17:50 »
I hear it clearly here, but I think it's part of the fat digital signal just above it:

Does sound like an A!
signal S4+- on the SDR in SW UK
17.42 ID
Parody songs “Welcome to Corona” (Welcome to the Jungle”), etc. Pretty good signal on the Twente, Netherlands, online receiver
on 3935 LSB
0754 strong      fading down in daylight time       1436 ID
1710 ID, rock
European Pirate / Harmony 5780 AM 1659 utc 15 Jan 2021
« Last post by Ray Lalleu on Today at 17:04 »
on 5780.0
0757 music    0804 jazz    0951 crooner   etc 
enough powerful for a day with weak propagation
1659 ID, W jazz singer "Blue moon", other W jazz singer, 1704
on 6305.05+
0956 "You walk like an angel", "Let's have a party tonight" ...   1102 music, noisy   etc
1620 extra weak, noisy, "In Zaire", Mungo Jerry, rock
1631 talking ( ...blue yonder...) very noisy       1650 rock, much noise
HF Beacons / Letter Beacon A? 6942.6 khz 1620UTC
« Last post by wogggieee on Today at 16:15 »
It's down in the noise a bit but sounds like a morse A.
on 6205.0
1604 very weak, noisy, music with short peaks
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