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Was the broadcast itself in AM Stereo or were they just id'ing as such? There used to be a legit AM stereo station in Eastern North America that used 1620.

It sounded like a relay from a station called Music Radio on 1620 AM Stereo. I googled that and found nothing, maybe a part 15? I didn’t try using AM Stereo, but I did notice the signal was 18 kHz wide and I don’t remember hearing that transmitter before.

Recording: https://youtu.be/IoKx-TBuYKQ
Sorry. I'm not a member (if there is even such a thing) and I don't have an account (not even sure if there is such a thing) and I don't think that there is a button to enable downloads.

I will say that about a year ago Vocaroo started being flakey for me. Sometimes it would tell me that the audio file that I just uploaded seconds ago was not available, sometimes I could not get the URL to share the file, etc. Then at other times it's fine. I dunno.

I was able to download the file just now despite the fact that it shows an error: "MP3 media source not supported. Please try a newer web browser!". Some of the settings in Firefox and the plugins I use (advert blockers, java script gizmos) may be causing an "issue" (which appears to be B.S.) but it still lets me download anyway. When I switch to Chrome, I don't get an error but because I have not enabled an advert blocker there, I also see adverts, but I can download there too.

I would suggest:
- be sure that you are actually not receiving/downloading the file, despite the error.
- try again later
- turn off advert blockers, etc. or whitelist vocaroo
- turn off javascript blockers or whitelist vocaroo
- try a different web browser
Was the broadcast itself in AM Stereo or were they just id'ing as such? There used to be a legit AM stereo station in Eastern North America that used 1620.
Sounded excellent from the little bit I could scoop up. Big s9 peaks but lots of deep fading here and then poof. Nothing.
Any chance you can enable the "download" option on Vocaroo? When I click the download button I get a "Failed - Forbidden" error message. This makes it impossible to work with your recordings off-line.

0142 - ID and transmission schedule by YL with slight German accent.
0143 - Suddenly off mid-song. Nice audio, while it lasted.

141- "It Started All Over Again" by Brenda Lee
142- YL with foreign accented English, IDs, "Keep it here, on music radio 1620," with schedule (Friday and Saturday evenings).
142- Oldies song starts, but couldn't ID before...
143- OTA.
0140 Weak music coming up over the static and some talk but could not make that out
Thanks for the show
Exact frequency is 6950.11 kHz. S9+30 with the K3FEF KiwiSDR. Really good 18 kHz wide audio!

0137 UTC-Music Radio, 1620 AM Stereo ID
0137 UTC-New World In The Morning by Roger Whittaker
0140 UTC-It Started All Over Again by Brenda Lee
0142 UTC-ID and schedule
0142 UTC-Unknown Music
0143 UTC-OFF suddenly
0135 UTC A song I forgot the name of  :-[ (S9 peaks with light fading and excellent audio)
0137 UTC OM DJ with "Music radio...AM Stereo 1620", followed by Unid song-OM singer
0140 UTC Unid song-Brenda Lee
0142 UTC YL with ID
0143 UTC OFF mid-song

Thanks for the driveby test whoever! Sounded great! Here's my recording:
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