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Hearing "Radio What?" in Texas. Mix of music of all types, with bumpers and sound bites.
I think you are looking for a Hammarlund SP-600, not a Hallicrafters.

Hallicrafters made their own version of the SP600, called the R-274 or SX-73.  While it was supposed to be functionally the same, it looked much different.  They are somewhat rare and I have only seen a handful over 50 years in the hobby.


I saw one of those R-274's at a hamfest at least 20-25 years ago. The guy selling it wasn't at the table, but his partner ID'ed it for me. It was selling for 150 bucks and looked pristine. I thought about buying it, but didn't want to hump it to the outer solar system where my car was parked.
No "Battle of Epping Forest"? Genesis was a shell of itself after Peter Gabriel left the band and they quit using the Mellotron.
Zeeky/Stumpy relays this one. I guess he changed his mind about going away?
Something like this was on 6930 two nights ago. Visible carrier, wide sidebands, and little to no audio. I figured someone forgot to switch their transmitter off, or a military agency was using it as a marker frequency?
0134 UTC SIO 344, S5. Lots of QSB & QRN into my SDR direct
0136 signal fading fast.
At times, Radio Pirana is somewhere in South America,
at other times somewhere in Europe
Utility / Re: HFGCS General Log
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11175 kHz CHILL23 called any station for a radio check 0058z February 1.
AMA, RVA, and PCO were popping up out of the noise for a few seconds at various times.   Each was pretty strong during peaks. 
I heard others but not strong enough or long enough for positive IDs.
Lots of ionosonde sweepers and occasional data signals this afternoon besides the usual diathermy.
0054 "Ashes of American Flags" Who   S9
0100 " Heavy Metal Drummer "  Wilco
0101 Id WAVE    I'm the Man who Loves You " Wilco
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