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The Dolls also inspired the Ramones, which in turn inspired the creation of the Sex Pistols, and then punk was born.

The connection was a little more direct, because Malcolm McLaren road-managed the disastrous last Dolls tour in 1975, which gave him the taste for rock n roll that he took back to London. But the Ramones' first tour of the UK in 1976 was pivotal too.
13740kHz Sudden switch on in SS at 0117z 20 Sept 2019 (signal s-9); then fading out after 0132z and gone at 0137z
Posted by: ChrisSmolinski

In a completely unexpected move the Danish authorities has withdrawn the
permission to use out of band frequencies (on a non interference basis) for
World Music Radio (WMR). This means that WMR will be ceasing operations on
5840 and 15805 kHz tomorrow Sunday September 15th 2009 at 2200 UTC.
WMR may return to shortwave using frequencies inside the official SW bands
but this may take several months.

Meanwhile WMR continues being available via internet streaming at www.wmr.dk
and hopefully also soon on medium wave 927 kHz in Copenhagen.

Reception reports may be sent to wmr@wmr.dk - or to World Music Radio, PO
Box 112, DK-8960 Randers SŘ, Denmark (please enclose return postage).

Best 73s
Stig Hartvig Nielsen,

I confirm that the internet stream below has no buffering problems here in Hohhot city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region despite China's great firewall.  :) :) :)

Shortwave Broadcast / WBCQ 5130 AM 0036 utc 20 Sep 2019
« Last post by Ray Lalleu on Today at 00:58 »
on 5130.0
0036 music, rock, non stop
0055 IDs in a loop : WBCQ, Monticello, Maine, the United States of America,
0100 beginning of religious programme
Spy Numbers / Re: S11a, M12, M14
« Last post by sat_dxer on Today at 00:57 »
20 Sept 2019
Monday/Friday "Asiatic" Morse
0010z CW 14942kHz  991 1 5FG  TTT TTT  (signal s-9+)
0030z CW 13942kHz  991 1  5FG TTT TTT  (signal s-9)
0050z CW 12142kHz  991 1 5FG  TTT TTT  (signal s-6)
At the speed Frank is rolling out "FreeDAB" (currently also testing in Dundalk and rumour that Sligo is next), it won't be long before
he has greater coverage than the legal DAB operated by RTE. And with a greater range of stations.

There has being independent DAB in Ireland on trial basis. DB (Digital Broadcasting) in Dublin, Total Broadcast in the South East
and most recently EireDAB in Cork and a test setup from RTE's studios in Dublin. All off air now.

Whilst I'm not sure that the publicity he is getting is going to be good for him, it might spur the BAI to consider licencing independent ops and
stop giving in to the whims of the FM stations.

Thanks for analysing the situation there rather well, Brian.

I agree with what you say about the attitude of the BAI to FM stations. 
OZ-Viola is licensed by the Danish authorities. On Facebook this week he said he will keep broadcasting until his licence is due for renewal in a few months time.

Thanks for the update, ukdxer.

Presumably, he hasn't got a hope in hell of being allowed to renew his licence once his current one expires.  :(

Bad news indeed, but the situation there is what it is. We can do nothing to alter it.  :(
Other / 5690KHz Japanese/English voice tx
« Last post by Looking-Glass on Today at 00:03 »
At 1244z I happened upon two Japanese men on 5.690MHz USB in broken English and Japanese giving what appears to be a weather report, figures given were in mixed Japanese/English and also heard "QNH" mentioned.

Cannot find any relation to aviation on this frequency, found reference to European marine though in the past on this one.

Maybe this is a Japanese airline LDOC frequency? Then again marine?  However, the term "QNH" is used almost exclusively by the aviation sector and not marine. No Selcal check heard, both stations were in the order of 5X5 to 5X8 reports.

Maybe someone on HFU has reference to this one, especially the HF aviation diehards? ;)
Other / 5818KHz CW
« Last post by Looking-Glass on September 19, 2019, 2357 UTC »
Came across a good fist of about 10wpm sending steady, evenly spaced, single letters, no numbers, for around five minutes at 1231z on 5.818MHz CW.

The transmission concluded with "K" but didn't hear any station respond. The report was a good 579.

I suspect this is Chinese military, looking back, a few years ago M89 was noted on this frequency sending the standard Roundslip.

Any ideas from our valued team at HFU? :)
Shortwave Pirate / Re: Yeti Radio 6937 USB from LSB 2227 UTC 19 Sep 2019
« Last post by Big Badfish Al on September 19, 2019, 2337 UTC »
Good show 'Go back to LSB for the South Americans please'. Thank you.
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