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Thanks Kenneth for fine eQSL (looks like Venus and Mars are alright tonight ;)) and for the superb musical ride across America.  Hmmmm.......maybe cities, European countries, or fictional locations next time?


"Dean, WTF Radio thanks you for your accurate reception reports for both 'One State at a Time' Music programs on 6930kHz USB. Power output level was limited to 50 watts for this broadcast but the propagation gods were on our side both nights. Your comments and suggestions helped make the whole program (both parts!) a lot of fun. Please see attached eQSL.

Thanks again and Stay tuned, 73!
-Kenneth "
on 4875.0
1729 musi

no iD so far
European Pirate / Re: Radio JVG 7630 AM 1428 utc 20 Apr 2021
« Last post by kris on Today at 16:34 »
1628 S9 faded  noisy   Living in America  James Brown
1630 M D news   Lea   The Cats
European Pirate / Radio Merlin 6305 AM 1606 utc 20 Apr 2021
« Last post by Ray Lalleu on Today at 16:32 »
on 6305.05+
(not before 1500)
1606 music, very noisy, rock, 1628 ID+@, rock
Equipment / Re: Best MWDX antenna?
« Last post by NQC on Today at 15:56 »
Hey All,

More  random comments :

Quite an interesting concept to think of a loop as a   "pre- selector".   Also ,a loop  certainly may not be a "substitute" for a serious outdoor wire antenna (of any type). A supposed rule of thumb ( not sure if exactly true or not ), If- a loop has ie, 100 ft of wire, even if well built,it  supposedly grabs only  1/10 of the energy of a well built  outdoor 100 ft long  antenna (comments ?). But Q and directional ability  are the advantages.

I have used both and REALLY liked having both at my disposal,way  back when. Unfortunately, any serious outside wire antenna is now out of the question for me .So it's loops or pretty much nothing.

 I suppose each  QTH is different re the type of noise encountered, operator's  "goals" , etc. One size (re anything) may not fit all.

Obviously one main   focus , IMHO, is Q .Not matter what you build, be it small tank ,loop or long wire or ground run. And at least in my experience with my (long gone) ultra high performance  DX crystal sets, the takeaway is  save every tiny bit of Q you can. It adds up.

Insulate and insulate again. Radio "loves" air- not solid surfaces. I even used to air  stand off ground runs until it reached rod. Maybe overkill to some, but Q bleeding seems to hide in some  unexpected places.

In my experience any  serious home brew tank/loop,etc,  starts with  the var cap. It is the first (and maybe the worst) place things can go wrong,IMHO .To me , nothing can replace a 500 pf 4 gang ceramic ( very important that it be ceramic )wired 2 gang as one leg, two gangs as the other. This will eliminate rotor loss. Such caps are often found in old signal generators. If purchased on line, they can be expensive. But WORTH it. I was cheap with mine and enclosed them in airy styrene boxes with  ceramic stand off  insulators  and quick solder  terminals. That way I can hard solder them into whatever project I feel like and not have to buy 12 of them (ha, ha).  6:1 (or better) Ball drives and shaft insulation  , panel  shielding, etc, are musts with theses caps. A definite "investment".

4 gang ceramic did well quite  even with solid copper  #20 cotton covered wire coated with poly. Such coils with bakelite var caps were noticeably down , even just by ear.4 gang ceramics with 660/46 litz are  simply stunning.

Back in the day, I took one of my 660/46  ferrite tank coils off the xtal set and coupled the long wire   to the Panasonic's ferrite.
With no ground wire on anything, the results were incredible. Station audio was pinched up really tight  and you would swear you were listening to a regen.The selectivity was   awesome. Using a ground knocked things down a lot.

 I guess any air  loop , tank , external ferrite bar coupler , etc are only as good as the components and insulation and the good practices/ techniques  used.

I gotta try another BIG Fe external coupler some time.I had SO much of this stuff before the "Great Purge" of 2019. I regret tossing  a fair amount of these  items (some of which which I MAY reacquire, maybe ) , but the   situation dictated it then .Oh well.

Also re air loops  used on 50 ohm receivers : I have always been a bit concerned (maybe unfounded) that it has loss written  on it (Unless you are talking Kiwa high dollar /50 ohm designed/  regen loops. I had a friend who had one.The performance would  blow you away).
I think it would have to be done right to (maybe) get it to work well . Just having a ratio'ed  secondary wound right on top of the tuned primary may not be so hot . My understanding , is that the pick up winding may also need to be  properly spaced away from the tuned primary as well as ratio'ed. On the AN -200 or a Select -a -Tenna with a jack, this isn't practical due to space  considerations . Just too big for a "grab and play" type of store bought antenna.

Even simply tapping an air  loop way down for 50 ohms may cause a (serious ?) Q reduction  re loading the loop ( comments ?). Admittedly, I have not tried this, so maybe I am not the guy to comment.

I'd  say  knowledge of RF physics is  at a "low  to moderate level " (at best) , so if I am off base on anything , I welcome correction for both myself and for the group to learn  from .

de NQC
QSLs Received / Re: WDOG eQSL
« Last post by bfrederi on Today at 14:50 »
Me too  (for 4/10). This has special significance to me, because I am just getting back into HF listening after a several decades lapse, and this is my first pirate QSL since (I think) one from Radio Sine Wave in the 80s.

Thanks, WDOG!!
European Pirate / Re: Radio JVG 7630 AM 1428 utc 20 Apr 2021
« Last post by Bali_Frank on Today at 14:41 »
signal S6+- on the SDR in NW Ireland
European Pirate / Radio JVG 7630 AM 1428 utc 20 Apr 2021
« Last post by Ray Lalleu on Today at 14:30 »
on 7630.0+
1428 D songs, 1437 tlking in D ...kilohertz, more D songs, 1452
1458 still clear music, 1459 audio lost, trace, 1506 some audio deep in the noise
1611audio heard agai, "Grocer Jack", 1613 ID from Amplivier Radio, music

no ID so far
Count    ID   ref1 ref2 kHz   Baud City                           Country              Lat      Lon      km     Deg
5957     971  903  904  307.0 200  Gatun                          Panama               9.261    -79.937  4,181  158
178      942  340  341  288.0 200  Cape Ray, NL                   Canada               47.636   -59.241  2,621  71 
3013     907  304  305  320.0 200  Richmond, BC                   Canada               49.114   -123.183 2,283  292
685      936  332  333  319.0 200  Point Escuminac, NB            Canada               47.075   -64.8    2,210  74 
12446    927  316  317  309.0 200  Lauzon, QC                     Canada               46.821   -71.165  1,729  75 
19739    929  312  313  296.0 200  St Jean Richelieu, QC          Canada               45.324   -73.317  1,574  82 
3684     919  308  309  306.0 200  Cardinal, ON                   Canada               44.783   -75.417  1,417  85 
3190     918  310  311  286.0 200  Wiarton, ON                    Canada               44.75    -81.117  971    87

AFE822x v2.0 SDR with 43' Wellbrook ALA100LN loop oriented E-W

MW Free Radio / UNID 1620 AM 0111 UTC 20 APR 2021
« Last post by ChrisSmolinski on Today at 11:26 »
SDR recording catch. Carrier Sleuth showed when and where they were on the air, so I could track the carrier frequency of the strongest station I was hearing when listening to the SDR recording in sdrRewind. Sign on was about 0111 UTC. Their signal was fading in and out amongst the mix of stations on 1620, as expected.

I frequently notice this station on 1620, the carrier has a characteristic frequency droop after sign on.

0132 Sylvia "Pillow Talk"
0135 "The Mighty Quinn"
0137 "I'll Take You There"
0148 "Life In A Northern Town"
0151 "At The Zoo"
0153 "Stoned Soul Picnic"
0200 "Music Box Dancer"
0204 Off

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