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Author Topic: X-FM/Radio Illuminati via Mix Radio International 6865 USB 2323 UTC 30 Oct 2022  (Read 3824 times)

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18:35 Solid S5 6865 KHz wideband USB on the Mix radio International Relay here in Denver on the local RSP DUo RX with dual loop on ground antennas in diversity. 4185 KHz C-QAM stereo, good copy on the Northern Utah web SDR. Extended flame about the poor state of Broadcast radio today, ruined by the suits and the big conglomerates. Right on the mark, great to hear you again RedHat. LOVE IT!!!!
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Receiver is an SDRuno RSPDuo. Antenna is a 60 foot diameter loop on ground.

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Pretty strong into SW Idaho, content a few seconds behind 4185 AM, SINPO 42233. 0042 UTC 31 Oct 2022.
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12:44 UTC
8:44 PM
Listening on 6865 khz utc in Fort Erie Ontario, very strong signal once in a while a little fading
Great program to listen too.
Thank You.
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55455, excellent reception SNR: 14.4, S9+8

0043: The Only Flame in Town - Elvis Costello
0046: OM: "We know the other rock stations suck". -> Low Budget - The Kinks.

4185kHz USB - 44333. Not quite as strong as 6865.
Thank you for tonight's show!
Thank you for the shout-out. Thank you for actually having something to transmit other than just music. I appreciate that there is actually someone who has something to talk about, and has opinions on topics.
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QSL to umst777@yahoo.com would be greatly appreciated!
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Decent signal in Southern Illinois.  RTL-SDR w/ loop on the ground.

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0055z Just barely audible on the indoor receiver/loop antenna until a few moments ago when "Dirty Laundry" peaked above the mush. Gonna try outdoors with portable.
0114z Good signal to outdoor portable, but RFI much worse around 40m band. Tilting whip horizontally helps. Op reading signal reports from listeners.

No joy on 5185, carrier but audio buried under RFI.

4185 working well.
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0054 Don Henley-Dirty Laundry.
0059 Cars

Blowtorch signal here in Nebraska, great audio S9+20.
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All reception reports are direct into Norfolk, Nebraska unless otherwise specified.

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Alpha Delta sloper in the attic.
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Receiving the 6865 kHz USB MRI relay at S9 +10 dB SIO 555 in the southeastern US tonight.  The 4150 kHz AM broadcast is about 333 and 5150 AM relay is between 444/544 with a good signal, but more noise here.

I've been listening while doing other things tonight, so here's an on-again off-again log.

2337 RH talking about QSLs
0020 Blinded by the Light
0036 RH suggesting most of [his] audience has gray hair (which I'll add editorially, is probably accurate)
0050 The Kinks? - Low Budget
0054 Don Henley - Dirty Laundry
0058 Gary Numan - Cars
0120 AC/DC - Thunderstruck
0129 Grateful Dead - Touch of Gray
0135 RH and AC saying goodbye over music bed
0139 XFM sounder followed by The Doobie Brothers? - Rocking Down the Highway
0143 XFM sounder and sign-off
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eQSL appreciated at x100rocks@gmail.com
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Still booming in here S8 on 6865 USB in Montreal, played Gary Numan- Here in my Car 01h04
great sound...Reading our logs on HF Underground.

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Amazing show and signal on 6865 tonight.  20 to 30 over here in northwest Alabama.  Listening on a FTDX10 with a 80-6 meter OCF dipole at 100'.  Sounds like my local FM station.  Thanks everybody!
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6865u coming in amazing to Detroit, Michigan

5-9 flawless signal
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Very strong signal with clear audio in SW Finland on 6865 kHz. Good sounding DJs.
(I have not found e-mails to this or WDOG)

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Very strong signal with clear audio in SW Finland on 6865 kHz. Good sounding DJs.
(I have not found e-mails to this or WDOG)

Emails for X-FM, Radio Illuminati, and Mix Radio International are xfmshortwave@gmail.com, radio.Illuminati6150@gmail.com, and Mix.Radio.International@protonmail.com WDOG does not have an email address.
Lucas Bandura
eQSL appreciated! lucasnerite@gmail.com
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Tuned it at 0117 to talk about "Mischief Night." OM announcers talked about toilet paper and eggs. (I grew up in New York and remember that in the 80s it also frequently involved arson and theft. Garbage cans, dumpsters, even the occasional street mailbox were set on fire. Kids also learned to blow out the eggs and fill the shells with other substances. Shaving cream and Nair were popular.)
0120: Ident XFM with Radio Illuminati and Mix Radio International. Music to the Power of X. Then AC/DC, Thunderstruck.
0125: XFM ident then Genesis, Turn It On Again
0128: XFM Shortwave ident then Grateful Dead, Touch of Grey
0134: The Mix Radio International feed signing off. Shoutouts to HFU posters reporting all three feeds. Broadcasting on 4185, 5185, and 6865 simultaneously. XFM, Radio Illuminati, Mix Radio International, and the Azimuth Coordinator signing off.
0139: Doobie Brothers, Rockin' Down the Highway
0142: ID again, then off the air.

Strong, wide signal in the clear with only very minimal fading.

Thanks for the show!

My off-air recording:

QTH in suburban Maryland, 15 miles NE of Washington, D.C.
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