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Author Topic: Current Active Numbers Stations  (Read 17009 times)

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Re: Current Active Numbers Stations
« Reply #15 on: May 27, 2013, 1002 UTC »
Lots of interesting info there, Token. Many thanks for sharing it with us.

Being that SW broadcast reception has been so mediocre lately, I've been tuning around more in between the bands.   I haven't heard any numbers stations in quite a while.  The last one was the well known Cuban woman 'atencion' station, some time last year. 

I discovered the Priyom website last night, found it quite informative to a beginner like myself.  The sound files they have there were pretty cool.

Here on the West Coast, Asia does come in fairly well early mornings, so I'll have to start listening more in between the bands than I used to.
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