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Author Topic: 26.805 FM Appalachian Music  (Read 580 times)

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26.805 FM Appalachian Music
« on: March 19, 2023, 1721 UTC »
Just started to come above the noise level in FM. Making it to the West Coast at 17:21 UTC
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Re: 26.805 FM Appalachian Music
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2023, 1604 UTC »
Too bad they didn't send an SSTV shot of Jessco White buck dancing on his dog's house in full Elvis mode. Everyone needs a photo of that paint huffing Fred Astaire.

Look up the film "The Dancing Outlaw", it's all about him, or look for Beck's "Loser" video on Youtube. He does a few steps on the dog box in that one. He's a copper spray paint kind of guy.


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