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Author Topic: Re: KIPM relay via Undercover Radio 6925 USB 0022 UTC 19 APR 2023  (Read 422 times)

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Ayahuasca and acid aren't a good mix, you two be careful. And no toad licking.

I once saw a movie where some guy's in Mississippi were lured into a creek by a pack of siren's and one was turned into a toad. Never get out of the truck when floozies are trying to lure you into the water. They could have supernatural powers, and "whammo!", you're a toad or maybe a snot otter? Hell, you could even get banned from Woolworths?

Since you two are confirmed dope fiends, Benway, there's an old Robert Mapplethorpe photo of Patti Smith taking a hit off of Bill Burroughs personal opium pipe at the Hotel Chelsea. You boy's could construct an altar around it and worship the Goddess? The PSG cut their 70's albums in one take with their brains full of peyote, it was all about the artist as a Shaman to them. There's also a photo of them down in the lobby of the Chelsea w/Patti's head resting on Burroughs thigh and the outline of the old goat sporting an erection through his trousers. I would've thought from his books, Mapplethorpe was more his type? C'est la vie.   


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