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Author Topic: Identifying Sound of Hope (Taiwan) vs CNR-1 jamming  (Read 976 times)

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Identifying Sound of Hope (Taiwan) vs CNR-1 jamming
« on: October 27, 2023, 0614 UTC »

This may be of help to everyone?

"For me, it has always been fun trying to tie down if a station heard is really a Sound of Hope reception or just the CNR-1 program jamming.
Here are a few suggestions, based on my years of observations:

1) One positive way is to listen at the top-of-the-hour. CNR-1 programming always has time pips, while SOH never has any.
2) Find a known CNR-1 frequency, that is to say a non-jamming frequency (I use 6125 kHz.), then check to find if it is // to
the station in question.

3) SOH is a religious station, so has a more refined format. At ToH usually has news and then a lot of monologues. Rather
rare to hear music. While the CNR-1 format is fairly contemporary; many short segments; often with music; in general has
a much more upbeat format than SOH.

4) After many years of listening to SOH, I find their audio slightly muffled; not a lot, just enough to be noticeable, especially
when compared to the crisp audio of CNR-1.

5) It is not uncommon for SOH to be slightly off-frequency; while CNR-1 is on the exact frequency (xx.00).
6) Finally, if the station in question has fair to good reception, it almost certainly is CNR-1 jamming. SOH stations use rather
low power, hence fair-good reception would be extremely rare.

7) If you are fortunate enough to actually hear SOH, their top-of-the-hour ID is "Xiwang zhi sheng guoji guangbo diantai"
(Sound of Hope international broadcast station), given twice (once by OM and once by YL), then into the news."
Ron Howard, posted 17 May 2021 via WOR iog.  

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Re: Identifying Sound of Hope (Taiwan) vs CNR-1 jamming
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2023, 1446 UTC »
Really helpful advice Ron. I can make an additional suggestion. SOH does have a website based in the USA and one can stream their broadcast from it. The site is in Chinese, however most modern browsers allow for translating the page. But it's also obvious where the "listen" icon is since it looks like a desktop radio. Now, internet streams lag radio broadcasts significantly (sometimes over a minute) but usually, since as you say it's often a monologue, one should be able to tell if it's the same person speaking.


Ron, I suggest copying your entire post and creating an identical topic under Shortwave Broadcast, because lately I've seen far more clandestine station postings being made there, including the recent ones that I believe prompted your post. It's more likely to be read there.

Thanks again for this.
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