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Author Topic: Blue Ocean Radio 6925 USB 0221 UTC 11 May 2014  (Read 4402 times)

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Blue Ocean Radio 6925 KC USB 01:30 TO 05:15 UTC
« Reply #15 on: May 11, 2014, 0541 UTC »
59+  signals and Great Blues Music. Really enjoyed the program...Even Missed my dinner listening to this station!
Signal held out right from start to finish.
Well done BOR.  Check out YouTube Video
 Best/Blues on Radio!

New Video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n65itBnnjEk

73  Vinylman
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:) be happy

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Re: Blue Ocean Radio 6925 KC USB 02:30 TO 05:15 UTC
« Reply #16 on: May 11, 2014, 0545 UTC »
Thanks, Vinylman....really glad you're enjoying the show. I've seen your videos on YouTube...they're great. That FRG-7 of yours is to die for. See you on 7070 ;-)


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Re: Blue Ocean Radio 6925 USB 0221 UTC 11 May 2014
« Reply #17 on: May 11, 2014, 0608 UTC »
Another Iowa reception report. BOR signal had been just above the S6 noise for the last half hour but I heard your station ID clearly at 0557z with signal peaking almost to S9. Now at 0606z you're back down to S7 but can hear Green Day's American Idiot playing. Thanks and have fun!

KC, w0vp
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Re: Blue Ocean Radio 6925 USB 0221 UTC 11 May 2014
« Reply #18 on: May 11, 2014, 0614 UTC »
Nice S8 signal here at 0553 UTC tune-in with folk song by lady singer that sounded like Jewel.
0557 UTC Space Odyssey theme, then ID by op at 0558 UTC... "This is Blue Ocean Radio...BOR...Blue Ocean Radio", then Instrumental fiddle tune.
0601 UTC Bluegrass/Folk tune by man singer mentioning Freedom
0604 UTC UNID tune
0607 UTC Duet by man and lady singer
0610 UTC Bluegrass tune
0614 UTC ID by op..."This is Blue Ocean Radio..BOR...Blue Ocean Radio", then UNID son
0617 UTC Some instrumental finger picking bluegrass music
(I woke up from a sound sleep, turned on the NRD-515 and was rewarded with a great signal from a station I've been wanting to hear for some time now! Thanks for the show BOR! A little bit of noise, but your USB signal is loud and clear...nice audio too!)
0624 UTC Another finger pickin bluegrass tune
0628 UTC A C&W/Bluegrass tune with man vocals
(I'm hearing something underneath your signal...another station? Very weak though)
0632 UTC Man announcer with ID
0648 UTC ID, then a familiar lady singer with guitar pickin and harmonica!
0652 UTC ID, then a little electronic keyboard interlude...IS?
0657 UTC OFF
THANKS BOR! Some great bluegrass and other guitar pickin tunes! Music you don't get to hear on the classic rock and techno dance music stations! Will send in report tomorrow ...ooops, today I mean! Back to sleep for a few more hours! ;D
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QSL's to poorbrookking >at< aol.com are greatly appreciated! All reception and postings using My radio, My antenna, and generally in real time(excluding posting of SSTV images!).
QTH:Springfield, MA
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Re: Blue Ocean Radio 6925 USB 0221 UTC 11 May 2014
« Reply #19 on: May 11, 2014, 1517 UTC »
SDR recording catch. First noted with an extremely weak signal around 0233z. Better by around 0330z.
QRM from an UNID on 6924 from 0455 until 0517
Chris Smolinski
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eQSLs appreciated! csmolinski@blackcatsystems.com
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Re: Blue Ocean Radio 6925 USB 0221 UTC 11 May 2014
« Reply #20 on: May 12, 2014, 2023 UTC »
Hi, new member here and first post. I found this forum while searching for info on BOR the night of the broadcast. I realize my report will be two days old but it will give a sense of signal coverage for this area.

My location is Orange County, California. My receivers are a venerable Japan Radio Corp NRD-525 and a newer Elecraft KX3. The antenna I have for monitoring is a home brew 76' end fed oriented from roughly NE to SW.

I initially heard BOR on the NRD at 0539 UTC in a casual scan of the 6 to 7 MHz range. After a bit I switched to the KX3 because it offers quite a few features to tweak reception quality. It was at 0559 UTC that I heard the first clear ID and started searching the internet for more info. I found an email address and did get a response to my first email to BOR.   ;D  Very much appreciated!  If there is a "QSL" card I'd sure like to get one to the address in my email.

The UNID weak signal that some folks noticed around 0615 UTC was extremely strong here and pretty much drowned out BOR. The interferer went away after maybe 20 minutes and I heard another clear ID from BOR at 0650 UTC.  Around 0655 UTC was the last ID with a repeating simple tone melody for maybe 5 minutes before the signal dropped.

I enjoyed the bluegrass very much and will look forward to hearing BOR again!

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