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Author Topic: FRS Holland 7700, 9300 AM at 1752 UTC, 8/31/14 via Twente SDR  (Read 832 times)


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Listening to the 34th anniversary broadcast of FRS Holland on 7700 with a varied S9-12 signal and good audio on 7700 AM and a lower S6-8 with good audio on 9300 via the Twente SDR. No luck on my home receiver so far but it is going to be a 3 hr broadcast on both frequencies then repeated again for another 3 hrs which might give me a chance to pick them up later in the evening. Doing a show consisting of flashbacks over the last 34 years starting 8/31/80 with their first ID jingle and doing music from 1980. Very excellent show! Thanks for the show this afternoon/evening, enjoying very much! ;D