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Author Topic: Various UNIDs  (Read 1014 times)

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Various UNIDs
« on: November 19, 2009, 0246 UTC »
11/18-19/09 - Various unidentified stations on 6925 and 6950.  Odd conditions, very quiet but lots of rapid, deep fades so I may have missed any IDs.  In chronological order:

6950 USB
2338-2350 UTC, 11/18/09: Rhythmic dance music.  Fairly good signal peaks but deep fades.  Closest thing to an ID I heard around 2350z sounded like "...nobody..."

6925 USB
2300-2330 UTC, 11/18/09: Don Henley "Dirty Laundry", Foghat "Slow Ride".  Pretty sure this was Outhouse Radio.  Heard op's familiar growling voice and just the word "...outhouse..." between fade outs.  Started out S1-S7 with rapid fluttering fades over S1 noise, then by 2315z dropped to S1, barely audible.

6925 USB
0007 and 0025 UTC, 11/19/09: Right around the same time other listeners logged WTPR, which was inaudible at my QTH, received two SSTV images.

First image was same as logged 11/14/09, of what appears to be a semi-nude gentleman wearing a rabbit's head mask.  Second SSTV appeared to be a message regarding WBNY.  I draw no conclusions, considering the anonymous nature of pirate radio, the ever present possibility of trolling to generate controversy for the sake of controversy, and the recent announcement from Commander Bunny of WBNY that he will be updating the infamous 2006 "Pirate Feud" satire program that parodied various people in the pirate radio scene.  If one subscribes to the philosophy that any and all publicity is good publicity, at least regarding controversy, then it is not inconceivable that these SSTV images are something other than what they appear to be.  That's the magic of shortwave pirate radio - no one ever quite knows for certain what's really going on behind the scenes.

6925 USB
0030-0045 UTC, 11/19/09: Sounded like old radio drama, possibly same rebroadcast of old WEAF show logged earlier this week by various listeners.
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