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Author Topic: 6925 USB Red Mercury Labs  (Read 5905 times)

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6925 USB Red Mercury Labs
« on: April 14, 2012, 0231 UTC »
0224Z 35332 S9 Johnny Cash
0231Z 35332 S9 ID "Red Mercury Labs"
0231Z 35332 S9 Johnny Cash "I Walk The Line"
0234Z 35332 S9 Johnny Cash "Folsom Prison Blues"
0236Z 35332 S9 Live Op. Shoutouts to us! (Hi RML!)  Decompressing from the long week (got that right).  They're happy they're on the air tonight (and so am I). Doing about 12 kts on the high seas and putting out ~150W tonight.
0239Z 35332 S9 Johnny Cash "Understand Your Man"
0242Z 35332 S9 Johnny Cash "Big River"
0245Z 35332 S9 Live Op. The Red Mercury is shutdown & drifting. Wind out of the SW around 1.5 kts. Doing some bow work. Not talking about "installations" around the San Diego area. Enjoys cheese curds... _real_ cheese curds and that's what he's talkin' about.  More shootouts from listeners on email and right here on HFU. Spike & other crew members are doing work.
0249Z 35332 S9 Johnny Cash "I Still Miss Someone"
0252Z 35332 S9 ID "Red Mercury Labs"
0252Z 35332 S9 Johnny Cash "Jackson"
0255Z 35332 S9 Op talking about Johnny & June.
0256Z 35332 S9 Johnny Cash "A Boy Named Sue"
0300Z 35332 S9 Johnny Cash "One Piece At A Time"
0304Z 35332 S9 ID "Red Mercury Labs" Live. Bender requested "Ring Of Fire" and RML will be playing it a 2nd time tonight, just for Bender. Op heading back up to the bow.
0306Z 35332 S9 Johnny Cash "Ring Of Fire"
0308Z 25332 S8 Live op. They're relaxing on the ship tonight. They send out eQSL from time to time. Still on his way back up to the bow.
0311Z 35333 S9 The Doors "Break On Through"
0313Z 35333 S9 The Doors "Light My Fire"
0320Z 35333 S9 ID "Red Mercury Labs" Coming to us live for the high seas. Winds still out of the SW at 1.5 knots. More shoutouts. Some sort of QRM underneath for about 10 secs. Heard weak DTMF tones around 0317Z.
0323Z 35333 S9 The Doors "Love Me Two Times"
0326Z 35333 S9 Live Op. Hopes that the jamming isn't his ex wife on the Silver Mercury. He's not bitter. Glad he's there. Glad we're here. No one is in the pilothouse and everyone is kind of relaxitating.
0328Z 35333 S9 The Doors "Hello, I Love You"
0333Z 25332 S8 Op giving shoutout to Dr Benway for his email.
0334Z 35333 S9 The Doors "People Are Strange"
0336Z 25332 S8 ID "Red Mercury Labs on 6-9-2-5 upper sideband coming to you live."
0337Z 35333 S9 The Doors "Strange Days"
0340Z 35333 S9 The Doors "Riders On The Storm"
0347Z 24332 S8 ID "Red Mercury Labs coming to you live." Out on the high seas and the engines are shutdown. The bow is being taken apart. Still going back up forward to Spike.
0349Z 35333 S9 The Doors "L.A. Woman"
0358Z 35333 S9 WEAK Radio sent email and hearing RML ~S8.  (Hi WEAK! Miss ya). Got another email from Dr. Benway. Cap'n Ron hears RML at about S7. RML has some Sam Adams on board.
0402Z 35333 S9 The Doors "Touch Me"
0405Z 34333 S9 Live ID "Red Mercury Labs" Spike has been working on some special projects. Making progress. Him & Cap'n Ron got out of hand last week while drinking.
0407Z 34333 S9 The Doors "Roadhouse Blues"
0412Z 34333 S9 The Doors "Peace Frog"
0418Z 34333 S9 The Doors "The Crystal Ship"
0421Z 35333 S9 The Doors "Soul Kitchen"
0424Z 25332 S8 Op. More shoutouts, incl to Outhouse Radio. And to someone in NJ. And to Token who is also enjoying a strawberry shortcake at S9. The bow is nearly done. Spike is washing up.
0427Z 35333 S9 The Doors "Love Her Madly"
0430Z 25332 S8 Op. Shoutout to Sealord. Spike is still cleaning up. Cap'n Ron brought some Sam Adams and got wild. Promises that the echo will never be up that high again. Has the inverted dipole hanging from the yardarm. The transmitter is happy & is kinda cool.
0433Z 35333 S9 Tom Petty "American Girl"
0437Z 35333 S9 Tom Petty "Breakdown"  (bizarre... My NC-183D popped a cap or something and lost HV a short time ago. Now you play this.  ;D  )
0440Z 35333 S9 Tom Petty "Listen To Her Heart"
0443Z 35333 S9 ID "Red Mercury Labs" Shoutout to Ron in CA & Richard in PA via email. Pushing out around 130W currently. On the RV Red Mercury.  
0445Z 45334 S9+ Tom Petty "I Need To Know"  (I need to know what's wrong with my receiver).
0448Z 45334 S9+ Tom Petty "Refugee"
0451Z 35333 S9 ID "Red Mercury Labs" Craig reporting from OR. Drinking a Sam Adams Cherry Wheat Beer and gave a shoutout to Tim Koch, the brewer for such a fine beer. Going to fire up the engines on the Red Mercury and may be getting underway soon.
0457Z 35333 S9 Tom Petty "Don't Do Me Like That"
0500Z 35333 S9 Tom Petty "Even The Losers"
0503Z 35333 S9 ID
0504Z 35333 S9 Tom Petty "Here Comes My Girl"
0509Z 35333 S9 Live Op + ID
0510Z 35333 S9 Tom Petty "The Waiting"
0514Z 35333 S9 ID. Spike is below sleeping in his rack and is snoring. He's a lab rat with a 175 IQ. Signing off.
0515Z Off air.
0515Z Dr Benway called RML to say it was a great show.

I agree with Dr Benway!

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Re: 6925 USB Red Mercury Labs
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2012, 0234 UTC »
4/14/12, 6925 USB, 0230z: Johnny Cash "Sunday Morning Coming Down", Red Mercury Labs ID, "I Walk the Line", "Folsom Prison"
0240z: Red Mercury Labs live on mic, shout out to me (thanky kindly), checking logs, playing more tunes from The Man In Black.
0247z: ID, shout outs to various listeners from California to Wisconsin.
0253z: "Jackson".  Just watched "Walk the Line" again the other night.  Good movie but Reese didn't quite capture June's gutsy, sassy humor.
0300z: "Boy Named Sue", and Johnny building that Caddy one piece at a time.  That's how how pirate radio was built, which explains why it works so perfectly well without a hitch and is a ginormous love fest.
0305z: Spinning "Ring of Fire" one more once for Bender.
0317z: ABANDON SHIP!!! SS RED MERCURY LABS ON FIRE!!!  Hearing some DTMF tone beeps during Doors "Light My Fire"
0327z: RML ID - still some occasional tone beep jamming, but Red Mercury generally stronger.  It's like the best of pirate radio and 14313 USB hamtrolls rolled into one.
0400z: RML ID, mentioned signal reports from WEAK and Dr. Benway.  "Captain Ron has sent us a ship to ship communication!"
0415z: Doors "Peace Frog" and "Love Street", strong enough peaks to ID familiar songs, but deeper fades now since 0400z.
0431z: "Love Her Madly", shout out to Sealord.
0434z: Tom Petty & Heartbreakers "American Girl".  It puts the lotion on its skin.

Good signal and audio through fairly heavy regional static crashes, not too much RFI tonight.  S7 peaks over S1-S2 noise.
Sudden propagation shift after 0400z, deeper fades to inaudible, peaks only around S3.
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Re: 6925 USB Red Mercury Labs
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2012, 0234 UTC »
Nice solid S7 signal.

0224 Sign on and right into J Cash "Ring of Fire", "Sunday Morning Coming Down"
0230 ID, "I Walk the Line", "Folsom Prison Blues"
0245 Many shouts (thanks RML!), got a hankerin' for cheese curds and Johnny Cash tonight
0300 "One Piece At a Time" (never heard this before; great song!), "Ring of Fire" redux
0308 Into a Doors set, and up to abt S9+5 now
0400 Shouts, "Touch Me", "Roadhouse" (Jack Daniels here, please); the jammer is now singing
0445 Sig taking the big fade now. 

Damn fine show tonight...thanks RML!
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Re: 6925 USB Red Mercury Labs
« Reply #3 on: April 14, 2012, 0235 UTC »
Red Mercury Labs, 6925 USB, 0225, 4/14/12.  Johnny Cash tunes, 0231 ID &e mail, more Johnny Cash.

Fair with QRN.
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Re: 6925 USB Red Mercury Labs
« Reply #4 on: April 14, 2012, 0238 UTC »
Red Mercury Labs, 6925u, 4-14-12, SINPO 34432
Caught the end of Johnny Cash "Folsom Prison Blues", then a live ID at 0237z.
Pretty good signal with some fade.

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Re: 6925 USB Red Mercury Labs
« Reply #5 on: April 14, 2012, 0238 UTC »
4/14/12, 2:38+ UTC,  SIO 333 moderate static, music from Johnny Cash, shoutouts to listeners. Great hear you ! :D. Lots of Doors. Still sounding good at 4:00+ UTC. Thanks for the Friday night broadcast !!!

   YAY ! My favorite Doors song "LOVE Street"
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Re: 6925 USB Red Mercury Labs
« Reply #6 on: April 14, 2012, 0239 UTC »
Tribute to Johnny Cash, decent signal and nice audio over the high static levels tonight.  Live ID at 0236 utc, thanks for the show RML!
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Re: 6925 USB Red Mercury Labs
« Reply #7 on: April 14, 2012, 0259 UTC »
S5 here with S9 static crashes.
A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash @ 0259z
Thanks for the show!
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Re: 6925 USB Red Mercury Labs
« Reply #8 on: April 14, 2012, 0301 UTC »
6.925 USB. 59 +5dB. A lot of Static, but good copy.

03:01z One Piece at a Time - Johnny Cash
03:04z Red Mercury ID and mentions Bender's Request
03:05z Sig up to +15dB - Got the filters open to 3K now.
03:10z Working on the bow
03:11z Doors "Break on Through"
03:13z Doors "Light my Fire"
03:20z Red Mercury Labs ID
03:21z Shout out to us - Thanks!
03:22z Doors "Love me Two Times"
03:26z Some more shout outs, Wife owns the Silver Mercury Research Vessel.
03:28z Plug for Andrew Yoder's new book
03:29z "Hello I Love You" Doors
03:32z Shout out to Doc Benway - Class act Doc.
03:33z Sig now peaking at +20dB - filters open to 45K. Very nice audio now.
03:49z Mention of beverages of choice - Big Sky IPA here
03:58z Sat out on the front porch til 04:30z and listened on my Tecsun PL-660 and about 15ft or wire. S9, wide filter.
04:30z Shouting out to Cpt. Ron, ID, email address (Back on inside on the big rig) Sigs between S9 and +10dB
04:33 Second Big Sky IPA opened at this listening station. ALso snacking on wife's new fudge concoction - Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Bacon, with a little Smoked Chipotle salt crystals on top. Wierdly Delicious.
04:34z Tom Petty "American Girl"
04:38z Breakdown - Petty

Late to the party, but loving the Johnny Cash. Sorry I missed Big river, hoping to hear "3 Feet High and Rising" and "Rock Island Line".


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Re: 6925 USB Red Mercury Labs
« Reply #9 on: April 14, 2012, 0307 UTC »
Red Mercury Labs coming into central SK decently tonight.

Station ID, and request of "Ring of Fire" played again at 0305z. Quite good copy, though strength is only S5-S7. Not too noisy up this way tonight.

Getting some intentional QRM here now at 0322z.

Crud, just realized I'd been recording RF data, not audio data. Starting recording over, though if anyone has SpectraVue and wants to download 350MB, let me know. :P

Fading getting quite bad now around 0430z.

Somewhat off frequency recording (sorry) up at http://www.unixgeeks.ca/audio/. Still working out a few bugs on the recording system. :)
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Re: 6925 USB Red Mercury Labs
« Reply #10 on: April 14, 2012, 0319 UTC »
jammer keying at 03:17 s9++
 loudest i have heard  red mercury labs  s9+

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Re: 6925 USB Red Mercury Labs
« Reply #11 on: April 14, 2012, 0323 UTC »
Just tuned in to "Light My Fire" & shout outs to different people. Said 150 watts. e-mail address, nice to hear again. Now "Love Me Two Times"

Thanks for the show!
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Re: 6925 USB Red Mercury Labs
« Reply #12 on: April 14, 2012, 0342 UTC »
Got them here loud and clear in the cornfields of Iowa. Doors music, a shout out to a ham in Huntsville, and mention of his knowing several military contractors there.

Strong S9+ 5 on the JRC. SIO 545
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Re: 6925 USB Red Mercury Labs
« Reply #13 on: April 14, 2012, 0349 UTC »
Just got home and tuned in to hear the Doors "Riders On The Storm", fair signal, SIO: 333, just a little over S-9.
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Re: 6925 USB Red Mercury Labs
« Reply #14 on: April 14, 2012, 0358 UTC »
Red Mercury Labs 4/14/12 03:50+ Sounding good with about an S9 signal and playing the doors and shoutouts.
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