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Author Topic: UNID Radio Checks 8000 kHz USB - 1805 UTC 26 October 2021  (Read 512 times)

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UNID Radio Checks 8000 kHz USB - 1805 UTC 26 October 2021
« on: October 26, 2021, 1810 UTC »
8000.0 kHz USB 8000 kHz USB 8.000 MHz USB 1805 UTC 26 October 2021

Tuned in to hear the very tail end of

"...PAPA on frequency eight thousand...how copy? over"

I know that the frequency 8000 kHz is part of the larger 7300 kHz to 8195 kHz fixed/mobile allocation (yes, I know the lower portion is heavily used by broadcasting and other things and 8000 kHz to 8195 kHz is a shared allocation with maritime mobile / marine mobile radio service - usually simplex operations...)

Could have been a marine operator?  Sounded very professional, more like military or similar.  Have been sitting on frequency for 5 minutes or so and haven't heard a peep after the "how copy? over." transmission
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