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Author Topic: Korea - November 3, 2021  (Read 852 times)

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Korea - November 3, 2021
« on: November 03, 2021, 1103 UTC »
> KOREA SOUTH. 6015, KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1, from 0714+ UT, Sept 27. Normally this station would be totally
> blocked by strong NK white noise jamming, but not today; a very rare situation here; "K-B-S Radio" SA; pop songs;
> 0800, frequencies given; time pips; radio drama. My audio posted at http://bit.ly/3ugiyzF .
> KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1, on 6015, continues to be free of the usual strong white noise jamming from NK; at 1220 UT,
> on Sept 28, in progress with the audio feed from the TV KBS news at 9 (1200 UT = 9:00 PM KST), after each news item
> SA given - "K-B-S News"; program is posted daily to YouTube ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjJZpGKr2eA ). Wonderful
> to hear this without the normally, always strong white noise jamming! There is some QRM from a much weaker station, which
> I think is probably PBS Xinjiang. Ron (California)

Since Sept 27, the 49m band has been free of the three N. Korea super white noise jamming frequencies: against Echo of Hope - VOH
(weekly alternating between 5990-5995-6000); KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1 (6015); and on 6045. Has been great to now hear VOH, KBS
and VOF (now on 6045 [ex 5920]) without the usually strong white noise jamming.

Nov 3 - KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1, on 6015, at 0744, with the station's singing "K-B-S" jingle; as usual now clear of white noise jamming.

Nov 3 - Echo of Hope - VOH new frequencies for this week; 3980 // 4885 // 5990 // 6250 // 6348 // 9100, at 0727. Pleased to find they have
returned to their regular weekday language lesson, instead of the recent non-stop music played during this time period; start of the audio
feed from a TV program called "Wang cho bo yeong-eo" (Beginner's English); intro & exit theme song is the "Party Will Come Alive" by
Wizardz Of Oz (with Ruben Martinez); the usual intro with announcer saying "English trainer" and gives his name ("Mayu"), then the woman
announcer says her name ("Mini"), then they both say in English, "Good morning everybody"; "Is this your first visit?", "No, I have been here
before," "What are your symptoms?", "I have a fever and I have a chill as well," etc. This program will be repeated again today at 1127 and
1527 UT.

Nov 3 - Voice of Freedom now on 6045 (ex: 5920), at 0635 UT, first noted the VOF open carrier; audio started at 0753 UT, with details
corresponding to those reported by Amano (Japan) on Nov 1 (VOF's first day on 6045) - starting music at 0753, gong rung three times,
VOF ID, Republic of Korea national anthem, VOF FM frequency announcement, VOF station's singing jingle, 0500 PM KST announcement,
time pips and at 0800, the start of the program "Hamkke tteonaneun eum-ag-yeohaeng" (Let's go music together). My unedited ten minute
audio is at http://bit.ly/3mGCWb8 . Thanks very much to Amano for his ongoing assistance with these Korean stations!

Unfortunately VOF's ex 5920 continued today to be jammed by NK with a pulsating noise jamming (not the white noise jamming). Suspect
it is only a matter of time before it moves up to 6045 and will probably continue to be on from about 0700 to ending sometime after 1100
(cut off time varies a lot!).

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