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American Redoubt Radio Operators Network also: The American Preparedness Radio Network (TAPRN)

Emergency radio monitoring/frequency plan prepper redoubter patriot militia emergency radio preparedness project for licensed and unlicensed users, following the 3 rule:

Monitor channel 3 for 3 minutes every 15 minutes at the top of the hour (:00), bottom of the hour (:30) and quarter past/quarter to (:15 and :45). Combination of channel 3 on the CB, FRS and MURS unlicensed services with specified frequencies in the various MF, HF, VHF and UHF amateur radio bands as well. Primary VHF amateur frequency is 146.420 MHz.

  • CB radio channel 3 - 26.985 MHz
  • MURS channel 3 - 151.940 MHz
  • FRS channel 3 - 462.6125 MHz
  • 2 meter amateur band ham radio - 146.420 MHz

Carrier squelch or CSQ receive is required. Transmitting CTCSS or PL is ok. See the pages for the three respective services for more information.

From the AmRRON website:

Make Contact In 3 – 2 – 1

  • 3 (Turn your radio on and set it to Channel 3)
  • 2 (Attempt to broadcast for approximately 2 minutes)
  • 1 (Attempt again every 1 HOUR, on the hour, to save batteries)

Script: Simply use your ARN or AmRRON call sign, preceded by the word, “AmRRON”. So if your call sign is Tango-67, you would say “This is AmRRON Tango Six Seven.” *If you do not have an ARN Call Sign, then your call sign is “AmRRON…” and the initials of your first and last name (or just your last name).

Example: “This is AmRRON JULIET SIERRA” (if you do not know the phonetic alphabet, you could simply say “This is AmRRON J.S.”) Just get the job done.

If you must communicate “in the blind” (attempt to reach ANY AmRRON member who may be monitoring), then you can use the unknown party (or Hailing) call-sign of “X-Ray.”

Example: “AmRRON X-Ray, this is AmRRON Juliet Sierra. Does anyone copy?”

If there is a real emergency, you could also monitor CH3 to give assistance to others in need. To save batteries, monitor for 5 minutes on each side of the hour, to increase the chances of hearing another “Redoubter” who may be communicating using the “Make Contact In 3-2-1” method.

Remember, when making contact with someone you don’t know, always proceed with caution. You should always assume that all transmissions made are being monitored by other operators who may not transmit or reply back to you - even if you are making a general call.


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AmRRON and TAPRN patch - infographic

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