Author Topic: Twangy Radio 6925 USB 03:31z-03:46z 11-22-13  (Read 731 times)


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Twangy Radio 6925 USB 03:31z-03:46z 11-22-13
« on: November 22, 2013, 1153 UTC »
Recorder catch:

6925 USB

TR was on & off between 03:31z-03:46z with a good signal - there was some hum in the audio, but otherwise sounded good to these ears.

03:31z on & off for a second then back on with funk tune
03:34z "..we were upper sideband before upper sideband was cool....this is Twangy Radio.."
03:35z "..if you like how we sound in upper sideband just wait till you hear us in cw.." Lol
03:36z "..anyone can sound good on takes real talent to sound this good on upper sideband....this is Twangy Radio.."
03:37z back with funk tune
03:46z back on with small bit of funk tune then off

Audio (03:31z-03:46z edited down to ~5min.):

Thanks TR! :)
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Re: Twangy Radio 6925 USB 03:31z-03:46z 11-22-13
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2013, 1321 UTC »
Some traces of audio from time to time on the SDR recording during the period reported by Sealord. That's about it.

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