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Thank you for logging bro!
check out https://radiopushka.site/?page=voteforsongs it tells what song is currently playing.

Hi and thank you for listening!
go to https://radiopushka.site/?page=voteforsongs It tells the full name of the song currently playing.
Thank you for listening!
God bless!

Hello, thank you for listening to my station!
Could you please give a rough description of where you are listening from?
Thank you!
I will send over an eqsl soon.
check out radiopushka.site

Broadcast Announcements / select the song on Radio Pushka 6920
« on: March 11, 2022, 0607 UTC »
Idk if this is appropriate here, but now anyone can choose what plays on my station:
There are bugs so there will be some dead air, but I am working on identifying them and fixing them, if anyone wants to see the source code feel free to email me.
I am still broadcasting 24/7 but conditions are variable, also there is downtime for repairs.

yes thank you for listening!
Today I fixed a big issue with my antenna and wow!
15 watts carrier is not bad at all.
Turns out using stranded copper cable instead of a single-center conductor wire for the ground connections or any rf related connections attenuates the signal and offsets resonance.

Another Radio Pushka. Lol I am changing my station name.

Equipment / Re: Mixing tubes in Ameritron
« on: February 23, 2022, 0321 UTC »

Do you know how to properly tune a tube amp to resonance?
Does your plate current dip at all?
Tubes in amps are supposed to have glowing plates...just not too much for too long.... ;)
Yes, I get a resonance point out of the tunning range. I have the load at 0 and that's not enough, it needs to go under 0 for resonance. and the dip in plate current Is very small when i adjust the plate knob. yeah they glow when mistuned. I have tuned it before and it worked. It just won't tune into a perfect match on 6920. It can tune when the swr is over 1.5

Broadcast Announcements / Radio Pushka now on lower power on 6920
« on: February 23, 2022, 0315 UTC »
Well my Ameritron Amplifier refuses to tune properly and today I came home from swim practice to see my last 572b tube gone. Well I just hate these stupid amplifiers what a waste of the little money I have! So now I will be running lower power until a new PA kit from China comes. Not sure how much power I was running but it won't drop too significantly.

What did he say about Incels?
I was an Incel for a long time.

Equipment / Re: Mixing tubes in Ameritron
« on: February 19, 2022, 0248 UTC »
Yeah, thank you!
That's what I have noticed too when I switch a single 572b and a single 811A. I want to make sure.
Also, I have this issue, I have the load all the way down to 0 and anything slightly above that the output drops significantly. I have a 1.1 swr on my vertical antenna. Also, at this low load setting the tubes glow, they glow harder when I set it higher. Do you know how I can get it to where the tubes are not glowing and the power is not lost due to a tuning mismatch? I am operating at 6920 khz and the band setting is set to 40 meters.

0348: Radio Pushka ID; rock and dance mx; S5-6 with some signal fade.
Thanks again for the program!
0619: Still going strong like the Energizer Bunny; bi-polar bit; ID; more music.
Apologize for the initial imprecise frequency listing; working jobs #2 and #3, so multi-tasking and listening to pirate radio in the background with not much time for the latter.
its fine, please list it as 6920. Stretchyman transmitters suck.

Equipment / Mixing tubes in Ameritron
« on: February 17, 2022, 0521 UTC »
Is it ok to mix a 572b tube and a G811 tube in the same amplifier? or bad idea, and I need to save up for 572b?
Thank you!

Thank you guys for listening!
well not too bad for a stretchy and 1 572b tube and a 1/4 vertical.

Heard via Token's SDR, but strangely absent here. Hey, you played Autograph (the band)! Forget the name of the song. Thanks for the show, Pushka!
Want to guess why its strangely absent ;)
What part of sonora desert are you listening from? I am broadcasting from Phoenix. Yeah no problem the show is auto generated and on 24/7 so you should be able to hear during the day.

lol look on KFS sdr and California SDRs.
It was +20

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