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Oh yes, my error  ;D I should have looked at the logs.

1200 Can hear something on 6875.1, easy listening mx, is this the same thing?
Via SDR nothing on my own RX.

1201 weak but hearing music.  Radio Pamela ID at 1202
Conditions improving for me to hear UK stations on 9MHz.

Back on 1225 with Dutch polka. Same frequency offset of station that has been on with techno in recent days.

1237 Guns n' Roses 'knockin on heavens door'
No announcements makes it difficult to identify songs.

Peaking +10dB

Heard with 'Your Radio of the Sea' echo ID earlier, UK voice. Now back on with Chris Rea.
About S9.

1144 Mention of British DX Club magazine 'Join today'
1152 Shout outs to various people.
1153 Heart Throbs 'I wonder why' said was record that used to be owned by Subterranean Sounds.

S9 +10dB at times, quite a good signal.

Radio Rob (Netherlands) calling Radio Perfect from Germany for a QSO.

Bingo and Genghis Khan!
Reading this section always gives me a good laugh with the station names. ;D

Dance music, being jammed by carrier that was drifting either side, then off at 1238 followed by the jammer.

Strong signal +30dB peaks.

1221 UTC OMD 'Enola Gay' dance mix, then trippy music

Pacman ID at 1230. Relay via?

1143 'My Bellamy' song (makes me think of David Bellamy ;D)
1146 Cyndi Lauper 'Girls just wanna have fun'
Then sung Radio Pamela signal.
Quite a good signal today , peaking S9.

ID in Dutch
Taffy - Midnight Radio

DJ in Dutch mentioned 6285 relay by Radio Scotland
DJ said he was going to have some lunch then 1130 UTC s/off 

Terry Phillips show
1225 Transvision Vamp, then Steve Most with email ID.
S7 - Fair signal

Steve Winwood - 'Valerie' then ID in Dutch, then Soft Cell.
Nice signal +10dB

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