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Radio Rob (Netherlands) calling Radio Perfect from Germany for a QSO.

Dance music, being jammed by carrier that was drifting either side, then off at 1238 followed by the jammer.

Strong signal +30dB peaks.

1221 UTC OMD 'Enola Gay' dance mix, then trippy music

Pacman ID at 1230. Relay via?

ID in Dutch
Taffy - Midnight Radio

DJ in Dutch mentioned 6285 relay by Radio Scotland
DJ said he was going to have some lunch then 1130 UTC s/off 

Steve Winwood - 'Valerie' then ID in Dutch, then Soft Cell.
Nice signal +10dB

European MW Pirate Radio / Radio Digital 1700 AM 1920 UTC 13 Oct 2022
« on: October 13, 2022, 1935 UTC »
1920 Keane, then more rock mx
1930 U2 'Stuck in a moment'
1936 Magnetic Zero's??

Strong, peaking S9 but fading with a Greek station underneath.

+10dB signal. Interesting chat.
1908 Instrumental - used in advert  (was also used in British 70s sitcom - can't remember which one)

Signal peaking up to S8 but often falling under my S6 noise level.
Earlier heard dance mx, then clear ID, then U2? then email AD then disappeared (assume s/off).

0815 Thunderbird Radio ID - German DJ with chat, then 'love grows' song.

Some QRM from Irish fishermen on 6262 usb at 0854. Talking about an electric car, usual fookin this and fookin that. Conversation ended when one of them decided to have a fookin mug of tea.

S9 to S9+10dB, peaking +30dB

1933UTC Rock track (not one i'm familiar with)
1937 RRR jingle YL with 'Music Power on Shortwave'
then Rage Against The Machine
then Orange Skyline

1933UTC  The Ghoul asks "Is it time to disassemble society?"
Talk about the belief system of money.
Then Ben Folds Five - One Angry dwarf and 200 solemn faces (!)
1939UTC The Ghoul jingle
Al Stewart - On the border
1943UTC Talking about getting off the Voice of Peace in Tel Aviv
Neil Young - Southern man

Peaking S9+20dB

1332 The Kinks - Lola
ID and Email AD
Peaking S9 +5dB
1336 Off

0937UTC Bellamy Brothers - Let your love flow
Spoken ID and mention of Rona Lisa
Was peaking S8 on my own RX in East UK

1546 Pig bag? 1548 email AD by YL 1549 Soft rock track 1553 Kim Wilde
1557 Dutch song
S8 in UK, some QRM from UTE 500Hz lower.

then later Radio Lowland email AD
1605 Beachboys - Kokomo
1610 Inner City - What you gonna do with my lovin

1649 UTC Midnight Rambler - Rolling Stones
DJ with talk 'keep shortwave alive'
Stonking signal - peaking +30dB 

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