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21:08 Aerosmith into Ren and Stimpy bit and ID.

Just above an S9 on the Airspy and SDR Console.

Amazing signal and about 7000 kHz wide.

Music: Brothers of the Red by 9 Lazy 9

Great signal, up to S9+10

About S8 with deep, but quick, fades. Good audio.

2135 Opera

Signal is 10 kHz wide.  HiFi USB  :)

Really strong signal in Harrisburg, PA, S9+ with occasional fast fades @ 0050h

Heard that as well.  In AM mode.

Nice signal with just minor fades from from S9 to S6 on my 1m Wellbrook into an old fashioned RSP1 in Harrisburg, PA.

North American MW Pirate Radio / Re: UNID 1717 AM 2223 UTC 25 Nov 2020
« on: November 26, 2020, 0040 UTC »
Pretty good signal in Harrisburg, PA @ 0039, but dead air. S8 with fades to S6.

Edit; Off at 0041.

1828utc Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr

Very wide for an SSB signal.

"Taquila" at 0126. S7-8 peaks with a wee bit of fading.

A bit of occasional fading but very nice audio with s7 signal here in Harrisburg, PA.
The band has been very alive today; WWV 5 MHz never faded out today- normally I don't hear it during the middle of the day, even in winter.  Today it was quite strong at 12 noon.

HF Beacons / Re: Russian MX beacons log.
« on: January 28, 2018, 2101 UTC »
"S" 7508.9 kHz, s3.
"A" 7509.1 kHz, s5.

Heard on Southwest UK remote rx, 2100 utc, 28 Jan 2018.

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