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6925 USB
0230 UTC approx, couple of songs from O Brother, Where Art Thou -- Man of Constant Sorrow, In the Jailhouse Now. Pigs Knuckles sign-off
Good signal to the indoor antenna

Huh? / Re: Balloon
« on: February 24, 2023, 0533 UTC »
That's what the Government say's, who are you going to believe, me or that pack of lying curs? What are you some sort of wise guy? If that nuke blows, no more eastern Carolina BBQ ,the best whole hog BBQ in the known universe! You're worse than Al Fansome, a well known poopy-head in his lifetime. Never interrupt me when I'm on a roll!

This is the quality interneting that keeps me coming back.

Equipment / Re: Recommendations for a Hiking Antenna
« on: February 24, 2023, 0529 UTC »
The PAR End-Fedz SWL and HF transmit antennas seem to work well, according to most users. I've watched a few YouTube demonstrations from a few years ago and the Par cable seemed to work well slung up a tree using a slingshot or whatever method they liked.

I use a homebrewed bolo to sling wire up a tree occasionally -- it's just a white flexible plastic pill bottle from generic NSAIDs with flat tape bass fishing line (more resistant to tangling than standard fishing line). I fill the pill bottle with coffee grounds or sand. I swing it around like a bolo and sling it up a tree. Then tie one end of the antenna to the pre-tied loop in the fishing line. Hoist it up, wrap the other end around the tree trunk to hold it fairly steady. Done.

Years ago I used to listen for the HF QRP backpack ham nets. Some of them talked about dragging wire behind them to transmit and receive as they were hiking. That would probably work pretty well if there's no other pedestrian traffic, and the antenna wire resists snarling.

21 Feb 2023
6925 USB
0100-0230 UTC
Same heard here via the home receiver and indoor antenna, fair to good signal, improving after 0130z. Music, ELO, Marshal Tucker Band, others. Bob 106.3 IDs.
Closing ID from WWWW at 0230z, much louder than rest of signal, 800 watts.

The best part is watching the drama by the morons who are addicted to paranoid conspiracy theories on Reddit and YouTube. Especially the guy on the S2 Underground and DecoyVoice channels. The S2 guy sorta had the right idea about the value of amateur radio for survivalists. But he and the DecoyVoice guy have gone off the deep end, ......

I just stumbled across the S2 videos the other day and watched a couple. He went into elaborate detail about "secure comms" and how to "not get tracked".
After a while I found myself wondering what this guy was even talking about. If you watch any YouTube videos on RF, sooner or later the algorithm dangles these things front of you.

Sorry - moderator going off topic  ;D

On topic - l tried to look at the Bottle Cap Balloon website just this morning since the group is in my area. Their server will not respond. They must be swamped.


Well, it's more or less on topic because social media algorithms do "suggest" (nudge, push, shove) inflammatory and divisive clickbait at us that's only vaguely related to topics we're actually interested in. That's how the S2 Underground channel was suggested to me by YouTube -- because I've subbed to some radio related channels. The S2 guy has chattered about radio. I subbed just to get an idea of where he's going with this stuff.

He gives the impression of being authoritative, but after listening to enough of his videos for a few months, he seems like an armchair operator, someone who reads a lot of stuff on Reddit and conspiracy sites relevant to military and intel, just enough to memorize some buzzwords and pretend to know the subject. But he's mostly blowing smoke.

His credibility fell apart recently with his posts on the Chinese balloon incident. He had nothing of substance to say, but rambled on for half an hour with wild speculation about dire consequences, sounding genuinely frightened and confused. He's a blowhard with zero credibility. Ditto, the DecoyVoice dude, who mostly posts wingnut shill fear bait. But his channel was recommended to me by YouTube, presumably because I've subbed to S2 Underground, Mike Glover Actual (another former military guy who's gone off the deep end recently) and others, mostly out of idle curiosity.

But it's easy to see how people get sucked into that vortex when they're primed to believe the end is always nigh, the barbarians are always at the gates, and it's always Apocalypse Now o' clock.

Never mind the more reasonable and mundane explanations that occasional security lapses occur, balloons are rarely considered a significant security risk, the national infrastructure is crumbling due to years of neglect from under-funding, and, as Walt Kelly's Pogo put it years ago, "We have met the enemy and he is us," (spoofing the Oliver Hazard Perry quote from the 19th century).

4185 AM
0420 UTC: Signal peaked just enough to copy XFM ID. Music, signal faded, can't ID song.
0525 UTC: Shout-outs to listeners logging. Signal still barely peaking above noise now and then, hearing unfamiliar music, not enough to ID anything.

6935 AM
0345-0400 UTC: Heard some jazzy noodling way down in the noise, not enough to ID station or music.

Same heard here via the home receiver with indoor antenna, S5-S6, well over noise.

Yeah, that was my guess from the beginning: ham radio and weather hobbyist balloons, some university research balloons. These have been used for years without any drama. Doesn't take a taxpayer funded fighter jet and missiles to cope with a few balloons.

The best part is watching the drama by the morons who are addicted to paranoid conspiracy theories on Reddit and YouTube. Especially the guy on the S2 Underground and DecoyVoice channels. I've watched their videos for awhile. They were mostly harmless and amusing. The S2 guy sorta had the right idea about the value of amateur radio for survivalists. But he and the DecoyVoice guy have gone off the deep end, thinking there's some kind of precursor to a world war from China, or leftist insurgency sabotaging rails and electrical utilities. It's mostly crumbling infrastructre in the US. We can thank Congress and most recent administrations for that. They're so deeply invested in divisive posturing they can't or won't do anything to fix the infrastructure.

TBH, I'm not even sure the guys who post that crap actually believe what they're saying. They're probably just parroting the Faux Noise paradigm of making up stuff to earn some fear coin from the rubes.

6925 USB
Same heard here on the home receiver with indoor antenna since 2315 UTC: Allman Brothers, Whipping Post; Tokens, Lion Sleeps Tonight, older traditional version of same song. Op chatter between music. Pigs Knuckles ID, talking about tubes heating up.

16 Feb 2023
6925 USB
0117 UTC: Katrina and the Waves "Walking on Sunshine," The Cure "Friday I'm in Love"
0127 UTC: Tracey Chapman, Fast Car
0133 UTC: Fixx, One Thing Leads to Another
0146 UTC: Off or faded out

Might have been an ID in there. Seems to be real time relay of WKKL, 90.7, college station. Playlists match.

Can't seem to tune this station to pitch to match the web stream version. Sounds slightly off no matter how I tune my receiver. Maybe the Palstar lacks fine enough increments, dunno.

Equipment / Re: Made in China Wellbrook 1530 Loop Antenna?
« on: February 15, 2023, 0415 UTC »
Discovery Channel logo?

You and me, baby, ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's DX like they do on the Discovery Channel


15 Feb 2023
6876 USB
0400 UTC: Just got home, spun the dial and heard some jazzy music and Mix Radio International IDs. Fair signal, just enough to copy familiar music.

14 Feb 2023
6925 USB
0240 UTC: Battle of Evermore, Led Zep
0245 UTC: Pig's Knuckles ID and sign-off

S3-S5, not quite as strong as last night but still well above local noise.

...There's a sticky topic at the very top of the loggings board that shows the Official HFU Approved Logging Message Topic Format. Here it is if you can't find it: https://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,8448.0.html

It should be followed. EXACTLY. This even means using the correct case for month abbreviations, modes (AM/USB/etc.) and so on.  The correct spacing between words. Why so apparently pedantic? A few reasons:

It makes it easier for people to find the correct logging thread, so they can add to it, rather than starting a new one, which then needs to be merged.

It makes it easier for people to search for logging threads, to find info about past transmissions.

Logging info is often used to generate reports on pirate activity, and a consistent and coherent format makes this much easier to accomplish.

Is it feasible (or even possible) to incorporate a data entry interface with pre-formatted selections for logs, especially the thread titles filed out by the original poster? That would help with consistency.

Many years ago when I was still using Clarion to create data entry utilities, I concocted a couple of free/share ware utilities just for logging radio stations. Worked great, especially on low end computers, no need to remember specific upper/lower case for every type of station (some military and government acronyms use mixed case). The only downside was that once the freeware/shareware utility was released into the wild, it couldn't be modified. I abandoned that project after Clarion was discontinued.

An app version of the HFU might be suitable for that kind of thing. For now I access the HFU via Chrome on my phone when I'm away from home with a portable. It works, kinda, but the browser version is hard to read on a phone, and tricky to poke the correct keystrokes if I've forgotten my 2.5x reading glasses.

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